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Astrologers reveal that there is a zodiac sign that cannot admit its feelings. Do you know the Cartesian sign of the zodiac?

How long does it take you to understand if you have succumbed to the charm of love? The answer could differ a lot from person to person. Even when we realize that we have fallen in love, we often don’t tell the other. In love, we have different times but among all the signs of the zodiac, there is one that certainly takes longer than all to open his heart. Find out who he is and why.

If your sign is related to the element of water then you will have no difficulty in showing your feelings. Signs like Pisces and Cancer are always in great harmony with their emotions. Their heart is open book. On the other hand, some signs take a long time to trust someone and even longer to let go.

And then there is him, known to be the most restrained sign of all in this respect. Opening his heart is the most difficult undertaking I can offer him. Even when he knows perfectly well that he has fallen in love, he cannot tell. Did you understand who we are talking about? It’s the Bull!

Why is Taurus unable to admit his feelings?

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Taurus people were born between April 21st and May 20th. Taurus is a sign that never gives up the pleasures of life but it is not only this that characterizes its personality. According to astrologers, Taurus is also the most fearful sign of the zodiac and these fears are manifested above all on a sentimental level.

It is very difficult for this sign to give people a key to their heart or to show their feelings. His life is governed by reason and he needs to always keep his feet firmly on the ground.

Taurus channels and represses their emotions rather than letting them flow freely. It chokes them. For this sign, saying I love you is a test of courage that requires long preparation.

Arm yourself with patience and do not doubt him, he will take a very long time to tell you that he cares about you but the value you give to that moment will be priceless.

Being a sign that continually seeks certainty, if he no longer has the maximum certainty that his feelings are reciprocated, he will not find the strength to pronounce himself.

Behind his armor hides an extremely sensitive soul. To protect his heart from pain, he is willing to do anything.
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