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Find out if and how much you are greedy according to the stars and if you are among those who cannot give up the pleasures of the table.

Eating well is something that everyone likes. If for some food is simple sustenance, some people just can’t help but indulge in the sweets or dishes they love most. In some cases, this happens because there is a sort of fulfillment in food, in others because one is simply greedy. Today, after having seen what color each sign of the zodiac is, we will evaluate this second hypothesis based on the zodiac sign of birth. A way like any other to see yourself from the outside and understand if and how much you are greedy when compared to the other signs of the zodiac.

How greedy are you according to the stars? Here is the answer

Aries – Not too much
When it comes to gluttony, it cannot be said that you are among the greediest. Although you like to eat well, in fact, you have interests other than food and when you are really into it you even end up forgetting about it. It is also true, however, that if you are feeling particularly nervous or out of sorts you tend to search for it more easily by throwing yourself on foods that you would not normally touch. So it cannot be said that you are not greedy at all. You just aren’t too bad. At least when compared to other signs of the zodiac.

Taurus – Very much
Let’s face it, you are fully among the greediest signs of the zodiac. Food is a source of sustenance for you as well as a gratifying pleasure. Whether it’s sweet or savory, you always know how to appreciate it and in most cases, you even like to cook it. An important aspect that makes you one of the greediest signs. The pleasure you feel with the right food is, among other things, such that you want to share it with the people you love to make special moments even more beautiful. Which you are, among other things, pretty good at.

Gemini – In flashes
It cannot be said that you are among the greediest signs of the zodiac. Sure, sometimes you have periods when you would eat everything but in most cases, you tend to feed yourself correctly and in the right quantities. Your way of eating usually reflects the mood of the moment and the sensations you feel. So if you feel down you end up indulging in some sweets. On the contrary, if you are well, you avoid overdoing it. For this reason, you are a bit outside of
a hypothetical ranking.

Cancer – Enough
Even if you wouldn’t say it, you are a very greedy person. Most of the time though, whether it’s for your figure or your health, you are perfectly capable of controlling yourself. Your way of eating is therefore rather controlled but with some excess. And when it comes to exaggerating your desire to eat good things it comes out completely, especially going to sweets. If you are in the mood of full gluttony you would in fact be able to take out an entire packet of biscuits. The reason why, even if it is not a frequent thing, it is one of the greediest signs of the zodiac.

Leo – Average
Eating good things you like but not to the point of placing you high in the ranking of the most gluttonous zodiac signs. When you can, you prefer to choose what to eat and enjoy everything from the first to the last bite. And in doing so you are always attentive to the choice of ingredients and their preparation. Every so often, like everyone else, you can go too far and when it happens you always try to make up for it as you can. All for a balance that makes you greedy but not beyond the average. The reason why, even if you don’t mind sweet and savory, you are not among the first in the ranking.

Virgo – Your way Your
relationship with food has always been ambivalent because if on the one hand, you tend to eat only when you are hungry, on the other you like to taste only foods that are to your liking. In your own way, you are therefore very greedy but only for certain foods without which you may come to prefer fasting. A mode that makes you very original and that takes you outside of any possible classification. Especially because if on the one hand, you tend to eat a lot of the foods you like, on the other you have your own personal way of understanding food.

Libra – Definitely
Completely surprising, it is one of the most gluttonous signs of the zodiac. And this even if because of your way of regulating you are more or less in the middle of the table. Although you like them sweet and savory to the point that you even want to spend time preparing them to be able to taste them, you are also able to eat them in moderation and without ever exaggerating. An aspect of your way of being that is reflected in everything you do and that from the point of view of nutrition makes you almost an example for those who, unlike you, are unable to regulate themselves.

Scorpio – A lot
Even though you are notoriously able to better manage your way of eating, you are a very greedy person. And it can be said that there are periods in your life when you are fully among the top places in the rankings. In fact, eating is a pleasure for you that you like to share with others as well. Whether it’s sweet or savory, it doesn’t matter because food represents so many things for you. From conviviality to pampering at the moment of fulfillment. All things that you manage from time to time based on the mood of the moment and which, precisely, for this reason, make you a very greedy person. But, at the same time, able to control itself.

Sagittarius – More Than It Seems
Even if you stick to the line to the point of often and willingly trying to control yourself, you are much greedier than you seem. In particular, you are sweet foods that you would eat at any time and that you like to taste in the most disparate moments. Fortunately, despite this aspect that totally characterizes you, you are a person who knows how to manage your diet. Only from time to time do you seem to lose control by throwing yourself on food in a more exaggerated way than usual. Which when it happens you don’t like it either, but that lets you glimpse how much gluttony is an integral part of your way of being.

Capricorn – The righteous
One can say about you that you like to eat well and that when you do it you also put your soul into it. If you want you are also able to prepare interesting dishes and all without detracting from what you love to taste when you can. So, yes, you are definitely a greedy person. But you know how to be without excess, giving yourself what you need to feel good and knowing how to postpone from time to time if you are full or feel that it is not the case to eat anything else. Self-control occasionally falters showing an incredible voracity but that in most cases allows you to taste without excess what you like.

Aquarius – Not very greedy
Eating is important for you but not to the point that you can be defined as greedy. When it comes to good food, in fact, you tend to taste anything without preconceptions but without ever exceeding or desiring something to the point of thinking about it often or eating it in large quantities. For this reason, even if you can be a good fork at times, in most cases you are almost detached from everything related to food. Which makes you a little greedy person after all.

Pisces – Greedy
Being greedy is one of your characteristics. Lover of good food, when it comes to experimenting with new things, in fact, you never hold back. In addition to being fond of sweets and important preparations such as flans or pies, you love simple cooking. The one capable of enhancing flavors and aromas with a few well-mixed ingredients. With you, every food appears special because you never tire of celebrating everything you eat, from the simple apple to the most sophisticated dessert. All for a truly exemplary relationship with food and in which you are also able to take care of the aspect linked to well-being. Who more than you, in fact, is proof of how good food can also be obtained from simple and healthy meals? Being around you really helps to appreciate every single food.

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