Find out what kind of neighbor you are. Here is the opinion of the stars.

When living in a condominium, the rules of good coexistence are essential in order to get along with everyone. Nevertheless, and although there is always a regulation to comply with, relationships between neighbors can be really difficult for a whole series of reasons that are mostly due to different lifestyles, poor perception of the annoyance of others and lack of empathy.
Although it is easy to point the finger at the neighbor who is a nuisance on duty, every now and then it would also be right to see ourselves as they see us. It would be a way to get to know each other better and even to discover that you are not as perfect as you think. If you want to discover a side of yourself that you probably never thought about, then after seeing what are the most correct zodiac signs of the zodiac and how much we are able to dream big , today we will find out what kind of neighbors we are according to the stars . Also in this case, checking the profile relative to one’s ascendant will help us to grasp even the nuances that are often more difficult to understand.

Horoscope: which neighbor are you? Find out based on your zodiac sign

Aries – A Troubled Neighbor
You may already know this, but as a neighbor you are not exactly ideal. In fact, your need for freedom pushes you not to follow the rules as you should. Aside from that, you often end up always saying what you think without any diplomacy, listing anything you don’t like about other people’s behavior. If you aspire to more stable neighbors, you should probably start by making less noise during normal sleeping hours, striving to be as diplomatic as possible when you want to point out what you don’t like about others.

Taurus – The Nearly Perfect Neighbor
Your polite ways and your being a quiet person who tends to have fixed schedules and rather established habits make you a practically ideal neighbor. Added to this is the fact that you are always available and that you can be very diplomatic when something of the ways of others does not please you. Of course, sometimes your housewife ways lead you to cook at all hours, creating perfumes of all kinds, but since you are also available to offer your dishes to the greediest neighbors, there is no complain, right?

Gemini – The neighbor with pros and cons
Neighbors who have the opportunity to interact with you usually think you are a good neighbor, more because they are captured by your joviality than by your ways. Those who do not know you, in fact, still manage to feel your presence due to the noise you often make outside conventional hours. Trying to be quiet when you come back in the middle of the night, listening to music at volumes considered human and not singing at the top of your throat the songs that steal the heart could be a good start to please everyone a little more.

Cancer – The susceptible neighbor
Let’s face it, with the neighbors you like you will also be the ideal neighbor but when someone doesn’t like you, don’t hesitate to point it out, attracting their dislikes. Since diplomacy is not your forte, you should try to abide by every single condominium rule so as not to suffer from being called back. Also remember that if you love to feed the furry you meet on the street, this should be done in special areas and not where your neighbors can smell sometimes unpleasant smells.

Leo – The Exhibitionist Neighbor You
may not believe it but for some neighbors, your cheerful and confident manner makes you appear to be an exhibitionist and highly self-centered person. Of course, wandering around as if the world belongs to you certainly does not plead your cause but, after all, you really like being noticed, so knowing that others notice your every move is certainly news that is not. then you are very sorry, right?

Virgo – The Nuisance Neighbor
Your being extremely fussy is often seen as a nuisance. Of course, from your point of view being precise is a good way to carry on the good neighborhood too. Too bad, however, that you sometimes forget to consider what about you can annoy others. Perhaps trying to empathize with others could help you find the right balance – the one where you complain the least and others have the least opportunity to complain about you. Trying to do so may even prove liberating. Seeing is believing.

Libra – The Quiet Neighbor
With rare exceptions that are usually forgiven, your neighbors consider you a quiet person who almost never disturbs and who always has pleasant ways. In short, you are a good neighbor and this also depends on the fact that having someone who lives not far from you makes you happy, making you feel less alone and giving you the opportunity to “browse” in the lives of others. In short, the neighborhood is a reality that seems to work great for you.

Scorpio – The Mysterious Neighbor
Whether you like it or not, neighbors are often intrigued by you, so much so that they consider you mysterious. This leads them to ask a lot of questions about you, to the point where dealing with it can be a little strange due to the looks they give you when you meet. If you want to improve things, try chatting with them. Revealing yourself a little will not kill you and will allow them to get to know you that little bit necessary to get an idea of ​​who you are and, consequently, stop fantasizing about your life.

Sagittarius – The chatty neighbor
Your being jovial and always easy-going is seen by everyone as a positive aspect of you. However, this also implies that neighbors end up avoiding you when they are in a hurry or when they don’t feel like chatting with you. Try studying their expressions to decide whether or not you should bother them. Once they understand that you can predict if and when to interact with them, they will feel calmer and meeting you will only be a pleasure for them.

Capricorn – The Friendly Neighbor
Although you are more of the independent cottage type, you manage to build a good neighborly relationship with almost everyone. Your kind ways and the fact that by nature you tend to live your life without paying too much attention to that of others make you the ideal semi neighbor as it is quiet and not at all intrusive. Too bad that every now and then the ways of others disturb you, making you in a variable mood and without a specific reason. This, if it emerges from your ways of doing things, can create tensions that for a quiet life it would be better to avoid.

Aquarius – The strange neighbor
Let’s face it, you are never interested in condominium rules. To be honest, you really don’t like the rules and for this reason you don’t usually follow them scrupulously. Fortunately, you tend to be a quiet person on your own and this leads you to have cordial relations with almost all the neighbors. Of course the loud music or the TV on at all hours of the day do not play in your favor but your ways speak for you and now there are several neighbors who consider you simply a strange person or, rather, over the top. A reason that often pushes them to silently tolerate even a few too many noises and as long as it goes like this, that’s just fine with you, right?

Pisces – The neighbor with her head in the air
Your being perpetually distracted is so evident that it is a bit like your business card. So, since your neighbors also seem to know this aspect of you, in many ways you end up getting away with it when you forget to attend meetings or have attitudes that may seem strange. Let’s also say that many consider you the naïve but kind neighbor and for this reason they end up reciprocating your kindness by maintaining the basic cordial relationships which, obviously, are more than enough for you to feel like a neighbor in place and to believe that everything goes. well.

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