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April 2024 Love Horoscope: Mercury Retrograde And Solar Eclipse Upheaval.

The second month of spring brings significant astrological events for the year 2024.

The love horoscope begins with Venus in Aries from April 5th and a New Moon eclipse also in Aries. These two will come with the change of dynamics in love relationships, that is, one of the partners may take over or cede control.

Taurus season begins on April 19th, 2024, and on April 23rd we have a Full Moon in Scorpio, which helps us better explore the mysterious side of our partner. We find out secrets that can strengthen or, on the contrary, destroy our relationship.

Another event is Mercury retrograde between April 1st and 25th, in the sign of Aries. There are conflicts and many challenges that test our patience.

Of note is the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus, on April 21st, which will mark the love horoscope for the coming months. This brings a lot of luck in the love sector and responsibility in terms of relationships. We will notice many changes in all the people around us, with visible effects in the next few years.

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Let’s see what significance these astrological events take on for everyone.


Many of the astrological events in April 2024 take place in your sign. Therefore, you can expect quite a few changes in terms of emotions. The influence of Venus and the retrograde movement of Mercury will be important because they put you in front of a decision. Do you face the storm in your relationship or do you put on a protective cape and avoid any conflict? Your attitude now will determine how you will get along with your loved one in the coming months.

If you are single, it is possible to meet an interesting person during the month, but you must be extremely attentive to his intentions.


The lunar eclipse at the beginning of the month will have a deep meaning, especially if you are in a relationship. The communication between the two of you will become deep and easy to approach. You manage to let go of certain doubts you might have about your partner. Things will get even better after April 19, when your season begins and you are favored by the stars. You can expect an explosion of feelings around April 21, when Uranus and Jupiter make a conjunction that brings you a lot of peace of mind.

If you are not with someone, you will meet someone either at the beginning of the month or towards the end of April. There are high chance that it will be about your soul mate, whom you have been waiting for a long time.


Your ruler, Mercury, does another retrograde dance for 25 days, and an extremely stressful period awaits you. You are in the middle of some controversies and you might make an important decision involving the love sector, but also that of friendships. You have to balance your feelings for several people around you. It is essential not to rush and to act with a lot of diplomacy, because, inevitably, someone will be hurt.

If you are alone, the chances of starting a relationship are small, because the stars rather ask you to be patient and will force you to do so, putting you in certain difficult situations from a romantic point of view.


The eclipse of the new moon at the beginning of April illuminates the sector of your professional calling and your purpose. You will get to know yourself better from this point of view and it is possible to make a radical change in your career. This will bring controversy in your relationships, especially in the family plan. Even your relationship will not escape without some conflicts, because you will not give enough time to your other half. It is a period in which you will learn to make compromises.

If you are not in a relationship, there are little chances of falling in love, because your heart is not ready to dedicate itself to a new love.


The month of April this year is very important for your destiny. You will learn many lessons in a relatively short time. Many confusions arise and you will have to make important decisions that can change your destiny. It is essential to listen to your heart but also to ask for advice from people you trust.

If you are alone, it is time to prepare for a new adventure. A man steals your heart most unexpectedly and will bring many changes in your life.


No matter how much you try to be in control and plan every step, life teaches you some important lessons about flexibility and freedom. During April, under the influence of the eclipse, Mercury retrograde, and Venus in Aries, you will feel on your skin what detachment means. Whether you want it or not, certain situations force you to take a step back and allow the universe to show you the way. Relax and love! Everything will be fine!

If you are alone, an unexpected situation will put you in the way of love. Don’t refuse any opportunity to meet new people.


With so many changes in the sign of Aries, which is your opposite sign, it should come as no surprise that April is a special month for you. In this area on your natal chart is the relationship sector. Therefore, Venus, Mercury retrograde, and the eclipse of the new moon, all will help you receive answers to your questions. The signs you are waiting for will come to help you make certain decisions. And, yes, it is a period of endings, of closing cycles. Certain people will disappear from your life. Fortunately, in a love relationship, there is good news.

If you are not with someone, it is very possible to meet a special man towards the end of the month.


It is an extraordinarily good month for you. You have a special magnetism and an energy that will attract people around you. You enjoy the company of your friends and your life partner, who proves to you every day how much he loves you. April 21st will be an important date for you because Jupiter and Uranus meet in the relationship sector. You find out good, but surprising news. Also, on April 23rd, 2024, there will be a full moon in your sign, which will help you complete a cycle of personal evolution.

If you are single, there are high chances of starting a burning love relationship in the second part of April.


You are living a passionate and romantic period. You have a positive state of mind, which allows you to receive love in your soul, but also to give it. Spend as much time as possible in the company of loved ones, because you will be charged with energy. In a love relationship, you have a lot of beautiful moments. Surprises appear on the part of the loved one.

If you are not with someone, you will fall in love (maybe even several times) in a flash, in the next period.


The month begins with a big surprise brought by the eclipse of the new moon on April 8th, 2024, which will trigger a cosmic storm in your sign. Changes occur in the family sector, where your foundation is located. You need more space, you are looking for freedom from certain harmful patterns. The changes can be dramatic and you may feel out of perspective for a while. You have confidence in yourself, but also in your life partner, who will accompany you on the journey to find yourself.

If you are single, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on April 21st brings love into your life. Make sure you keep your heart open starting this time and until the end of the month.


The influence of Mercury retrograde, but also the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, feed your thirst for knowledge. It is a month in which you deepen more than ever the social relationships around you. You will discover many things about your close friends, about your loved ones, but also yourself. Give yourself time for introspection, because your emotions need analysis and understanding.

If you are not with someone, the month of April 2024 is ideal to meet your future partner. Go out on dates, because fate is favorable to you.


Finally, the planets leave your sign and you will free yourself from the astrological burden you have been carrying for the past months. You will certainly feel this lightness in many aspects of your life, but it will manifest itself, especially in the romantic sector. You will love passionately and have a great desire to spend time with your partner. Your intimate life is more passionate than ever. It is recommended to experience new activities together.

If you are not in a relationship, it is possible to have a short but intense affair with someone who makes you discover new values ​​of love.

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