The stars reveal who are the 4 most manipulable zodiac signs but also able to react with ingenuity in the face of the deception suffered.

Our zodiacal affiliation gives us distinctive characteristics. For some signs, it is easy to trust others, and their extreme trust and inability to doubt are often the cause of deception. Find out which signs are most likely to be manipulated and how they react when it happens.

A well-known proverb warns us with the saying “Trusting is good and not trusting is better”. Many people learn to be wary while others are never suspicious and end up collecting more than a few deceptions. While they could not help but trust the human race, they have found a way to react to the deception with cunning and ingenuity.

They are the 4 most manipulable zodiac signs of the zodiac but their reaction to the deception is ingenious

These 4 zodiac signs are optimistic and believe that deep down each of us beats a good heart and that even those who do not show it or commit bad deeds are good people. They believe that it is the fault of pain, of suffering, of the education received and that there is something that can be saved in each of us. This is why they risk being manipulated and betrayed by the wrong people. We can define them as naive signs, here is the ranking of the 4 most manipulable and naive signs of the zodiac:


In the first place, we find the sign of Cancer. An empathic sign that has the gift of understanding the deep feelings of others. This sign always has good advice to offer or a shoulder of consolation. This makes them very easy prey for malicious manipulators who take advantage of their great generosity. When Cancer discovers the deception, they react with ingenuity. He does not show his suffering, he is patient and waits for the right moment to take revenge but he will never stop losing his smile or trust in others despite everything.


Capricorn is a very hardworking sign. He devotes a good part of his life to doing his best in his profession and is not very well versed in interpersonal relationships. Capricorn does not like discussions and comparisons for this reason he often avoids arguing, preferring to believe what he is told. Capricorn is also very supportive, will always help anyone who needs him without questioning the reasons why they find themselves needing help. When they realize they have been deceived, they sharpen their wits and find a way to remove that person permanently from their life with a lot of nonchalance.


Virgo is also on the list of manipulable signs. A perfectionist, punctual, demanding sign, attentive to everything and yet humanly too good and trusting. This sign pays too much attention to the judgments of others and tends too much to appear at its best and receive approval, by this it ends up falling into situations that damage it. His ingenuity in the face of deception is to react in due time and surprise with a well-served that leaves everyone stunned.


The aquarium is among the manipulable signs due to its great indecision. Being indecisive before making a decision, they evaluate anyone and ask too many opinions from those who shouldn’t. Since they too are signs with a benevolent heart, they often risk understanding that they have confided in the wrong people and have been deceived. When they realize this they become extremely ingenious because they will not react head-on. As they wait to figure out how to react to the deception, they will be fooled and forgive those who used them. This is why the Aquarius place is at the top of this ranking.

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