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Angel Or Devil: Which One Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Are you an angel or a demon? What does your sign tell us? It is one of the questions that have been asked since the dawn of time and that deserves a concrete answer from every point of view, today’s article, will analyze this very topic and will let us understand a series of details about us who perhaps so far we have always underestimated, but let’s go in order and try to clarify. Here, as always in these long lists, is the first on the list: the ram.


This is a sign that is a mix between the two and when necessary loves to bring out its mood and its most diabolical character. The truth is that he gets carried away a little by feelings and situations when he should only understand that reflection before acting is more than fundamental.


This is a sign that loves to hurt those people who made fun of him. It is a demon without a shadow of a doubt. If he is insulted or harmed, well, you should expect his response action soon.


The sign of Cancer is one of the most angelic of the whole zodiac, and we can well realize it for the way of relating to others, a kind and all its way, and it is no coincidence that it is perhaps the best friend of the group.


Another sign that has nothing angelic about it, it has a completely demonic double face that leads it to always do and think what it wants. He should get his act together before he makes so many enemies.


There is no way to describe the lion, the leader of the entire zodiac. We can say that he has angel traits and demon traits, depending on the situations and people around him. If his ego is in danger he will be a demon, one hundred percent.


Virgo is one of the most angelic signs of all, he always manages to find the best answer to everyone around him and his ability to organize himself leads him to live in a very safe way, in everything he does. Well, she’s a rare talent for helping others too.


Libra is a demon and manages to never express her beneficent and angelic side. The diabolical part of her always prevails, and for this reason, it is one of the signs from which perhaps, from time to time, it is better to stay away.


A sign that always turns out to be too good an angel who eventually tends to be teased by stronger personalities, should certainly harden his character.


This is an angel who doesn’t need to prove anything, since he knows how to always be on track, at all times. His goodness is visible to all.


Capricorn manages to bring out a level of empathy that is enormous and can show a patient and strong side that manages to be an example towards others, on all levels. Angel, no doubt.


Despite having many angelic traits, he is certainly a demon who always seeks his beautiful independence, even if things don’t turn out.


Pisces has nothing evil in its actions but it is as if it were. She is concerned with keeping herself and others healthy and happy and with defending her identity at all costs.

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