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Find out which overcoat is right for you. The advice of the stars to warm you up in style.

Each of us has a personal style that is given by a combination of many small factors. Among these are character, lifestyle, personal taste, and, even if it seems strange, the influence of the stars. In fact, most of us are inclined to feel more comfortable with certain items of clothing. Needless to say, these include the so-called overcoats.

Whether it’s jackets, coats, or capes, discovering the model that suits you best can help you feel more beautiful and confident. And given that the cold days are now coming and that winter is upon us, what’s better than finding out which coat to choose to better enjoy the next season? So here is the advice of the stars for an overcoat suitable for every woman of the zodiac.

The right overcoat for you based on your zodiac sign

Ariete – A super tight and brightly colored down jacket If
you like to get noticed in any context, a nice down jacket is perfectly suited. What matters is that in addition to keeping you warm it is snug enough to make your figure stand out. Perfect to wear on any occasion, it will allow you to show off mini skirts or tight boots, allowing you to always look your best and making you feel more confident than ever. Obviously, an ad hoc model will need to be matched with the right color. And for you, the warm gold and bright red are undoubtedly the most suitable. Perfect for emphasizing your bright and lively personality.

Taurus – A romantic cape
For you who have always been a great romantic, the most suitable choice may be a warm and enveloping cape. Even better if made at home and for this reason unique. To be worn over skirts, trousers or jeans will allow you to always feel warm, especially if you calculate that it can also be worn over a jacket. In this way, you will always be chic but without sacrificing comfort. As for the colors, something in the shades of brown or burgundy is certainly the most suitable choice. Above all to make you feel in full winter mood. Which, let’s face it, you don’t mind at all.

Gemini – A colorful jacket
Whether it’s summer or winter, it doesn’t matter to you. What interests you most is to experience each season to its full potential. And to do this you need a touch of joy to always carry with you. The perfect overcoat is therefore one that makes you feel alive, that gives you joy, and that makes you feel your best. Something that has as many colors as possible and a cut that can be adapted to multiple items of clothing will allow you to always have a note of joy to wear. Something that makes you feel happy and confident as well as always on top. Especially if you can adapt accessories such as scarves, gloves, and caps every time. Obviously, all of the different colors make everything always different.

Cancer – A pastel-colored coat
For you who have always loved to get noticed, a coat in a soft pastel color is certainly the most suitable choice as well as the best to be able to feel in excellent shape. In this way, you will know that you will never go unnoticed but do it with a certain style. Always a lover of romantic looks, you can feel more beautiful than ever, showing off a certain elegance without losing your love for comfort. Furthermore, underneath, you can wear whatever you like without feeling observed. Which on special occasions will also allow you to surprise everyone with a look to show off at the last second. After all, surprising and receiving compliments is one of the things you like best, right?

Leo – A super tight-fitting jacket with jewel inserts
You are undoubtedly the one within the zodiac who desires most to get noticed. For this reason, you need to always show off clothes that know how to talk about you and that does it with a certain grit. When it comes to jackets or coats, the right choice for you is a super tight jacket with jewel inserts that can shine with your every move. This way you can highlight whatever clothing you choose to wear underneath. As for color, black proves to be the perfect solution. Especially because it allows you to combine it with any color you feel you are wearing at the moment. And all without having to worry about the various combinations.

Virgo – An elegant windbreaker
You always like to be yourself and only follow what you feel inside. When it comes to winter, your main idea is to cover yourself up, and to do so you don’t have any problems whatsoever. Not even fashion manages to get in the way. Because of this, you can definitely be comfortable with a windbreaker to wear over whatever you choose to put on. What matters is that it has an elegant cut and that it allows you to wear it at any time of day. Only in this way will you feel safe and protected from the cold of winter and all without compromising your style which has always been rather casual, albeit with a little wink to the trends of the moment. Or, to be honest, the ones you like.

Libra – A long coat
Known for your elegance, you can only be perfect with a long black coat that is tight and able to follow your movements. Perfect to wear on any type of garment, it guarantees you the warmth you want and at the same time does not deprive you of the right amount of charm that you like to transmit to others. Your ways of doing and moving will make everything even more special, making it possible for you to appear at the height of elegance without the least effort. In addition, you will have the opportunity to feel beautiful as never before and all thanks to the certainly pleasant combinations that you will do from time to time. The black color is obviously among the most suitable. Great to combine with slightly more lively and trendy accessories.

Scorpio – The colorful coat
You have always been known for your magnetic charm and the area of ​​mystery that you carry around with you. Qualities that actually belong to you, albeit not in all contexts. When it comes to looks, in fact, what you aspire to most is comfort. A requirement to which you always combine style and beauty with a certain pleasure. When it comes to overcoats, then, what suits you the most is a colored coat. Possibly a nice red or a dark green color to match the fashionable colors in winter. Obviously, even black is not a color to be avoided, especially in the evening. As for the cut, a tight and mid-leg one will allow you to show off skirts and trousers as well as boots and shoes of all kinds. An extra option that will allow you to feel in top form at any time.

Sagittarius – A warm and colorful parka
Your desire to live for the day and the love you have for adventure makes you a person more suited to sporty and basically comfortable looks. One type of overcoat that you feel comfortable with is therefore the parka. Perfect to fully enjoy the right comfort and to stay warm at any time of the day. You can wear it with jeans or make it more feminine with a skirt. What matters is that you feel comfortable. Which will allow you to move as you see fit and to fully enjoy the winter season without suffering from the cold. For more elegant choices, after all, there are the other seasons.

Capricorn – A comfortable and practical jacket
For you who are always on the go and able to stay out for the whole day, the perfect garment is a comfortable jacket and at the same time equipped with pockets. In this way, in fact, you will always have places to store the many things you carry around or the small purchases that you often do when you are back home. You can also count on a certain comfort in the movements. Which helps you feel in great shape and allows you to be quicker and faster. As for the color, a dark brown or a nice anthracite black will surely prove adaptable to any type of clothing, saving you precious time when choosing what to wear.

Aquarius – An embroidered down jacket
The thing that matters most to you is being able to wear something comfortable and that keeps you warm. When it comes to jackets, then, the ideal choice for you is that of a nice embroidered down jacket, perhaps with imaginative designs like the ones you like so much. For an extra touch, you could opt for bright colors or patterns that can stand out. Exactly what you need to feel at the top and to surprise without attracting too much attention. What you have always liked to do both with your ways of doing and with the way you dress. The effect that you can achieve is by choosing the right accessories. Those able to make you feel beautiful while wearing something molded and above all comfortable.

Pisces – The fitted and flared coat
For you who have always loved everything romantic, even clothing must have something special. And when it comes to overcoats, the coat is undoubtedly the best choice. A romantic cut coat, for example, will make you feel special at all times, allowing you to wear what you prefer underneath. For color, black always turns out to be the most suitable option. Especially because it is possible to make it more lively with the right accessories. In addition, some small quirks such as bows or jewelry buttons could make everything even more suitable for your person. Revealing at first glance how special you can be.

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