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Vegan cuisine is, among other things, the source of delicious dishes to be experimented with. Here is which is the most suitable for each zodiac sign.

When it comes to cooking, each of us has very specific tastes. Some prefer sweet over savory, those who would eat only first courses, and those who, on the other hand, like to keep themselves light. Personal tastes often help to choose among many possibilities but sometimes they can be limiting and deny the opportunity to try delicious dishes. Something that often happens with vegan cuisine.
Unless they follow it, in fact, many people often feel blocked at the thought of approaching it and all because they mistakenly believe that it is a diet made only of vegetables.

The truth is that in vegan cuisine you can find delicious dishes and all to taste. Since deciding which one to start with can be a problem for those who do not know it thoroughly and that tastes in food are often linked to the influence that the stars have on each of us, today after having seen what the chocolate dessert is more suitable for each zodiac sign and which recipe each sign of the zodiac should prepare during the quarantine, we will discover a vegan dish particularly suitable for each sign of the zodiac with an attached recipe ready to be able to experience it instantly. The advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant to have at least two plates to choose from.

A vegan dish for every zodiac sign

Aries – Water crackers
Those born under the sign of Aries love to eat lightly and when it comes to experimenting they prefer to taste what has been prepared by others rather than put themselves behind the stove. To do this they have to feel motivated, especially if it is a type of cuisine they do not know. For them, therefore, the advice is to try their hand at water crackers, perfect for not going too far in terms of flavor and for eating something light and tasty. Excellent as a substitute for bread or as a different snack than usual.

Taurus – Vegan Cold Cheesecake
The natives of Taurus never hold back when it comes to challenging themselves in the kitchen or when it comes to trying something new. Although they are more inclined towards the cuisine they grew up with and which makes them feel more in the comfort zone, the idea of ​​trying something new doesn’t scare them. A dessert will always be well regarded given their gluttony. As a first course to experience vegan cuisine, therefore, an excellent one could be the cold cheesecake, perfect for longer and hotter days and full of rich flavors like those of coconut and chocolate. A choice that will certainly not disappoint them.

Gemini – Vegan Macarons
Those born under the sign of Gemini do not like to spend time in the kitchen. If they do, however, they need to know that the result will be something that will surprise them positively. Since the period makes them more susceptible than usual, a good choice may be to opt for something sweet, able to be good for their mood. Therefore, vegan macarons present themselves as the ideal solution and can conquer them at the first bite.

A recipe that is all in all simple and certainly different from those experienced up to now. And who knows if trying it they don’t suddenly find themselves curious to go deeper into vegan cuisine.

Cancer – Vegan chocolate mousse
The natives of Cancer have always been greedy people who prefer those flavors that remind them of childhood. For this reason, desserts always have a special place in their hearts. To make friends with vegan cuisine it is, therefore, useful to start with something simple to prepare and at the same time turns out to be good to eat and maybe even able to make them feel more serene. Vegan chocolate mousse is therefore the perfect choice. Ideal because it will remind them of the sweet flavors of childhood puddings and because it will give them that sense of warmth they always need. A dessert that will certainly not disappoint them, especially if they are chocolate lovers.

Leo – The fake omelet
Those born under the sign of Leo have always loved being noticed and the kitchen is the perfect place to do it. A good choice when it comes to vegan cuisine is the fake omelet. A light and simple dish to make but able to surprise friends by showing their skills in the kitchen.

Not to mention the surprise effect in being able to serve something that turns out to be anything but. A game that the natives of the sign will love to play and that they will discover to be even good to eat, so much so that they want to do new experiments.

Virgo – Coconut and tea matcha popsicles
Those born under the sign of Aries are not used to experimenting in the kitchen and prefer to adapt to what they already know. When it comes to ways of eating that are unfamiliar to them, then, they don’t even feel intrigued. Nonetheless, vegan cuisine could offer them many surprises, and all of them positively. A good way to start could be to experiment with coconut popsicles and matcha tea, a simple recipe to make and able to tantalize the palate without complicating the life of the natives of the sign. Being a simple snack they will not be afraid of having to compromise an entire meal and this will make them more willing to try.

Libra – Zucchini spaghetti
Those born under the sign of Libra have always been open to everything new because experimenting helps them to keep their curious nature always alive. At the same time, he likes to test himself in the kitchen where they prefer the preparation of healthy dishes suitable for satisfying them with taste while also keeping them in shape. For this reason, the vegan recipe that best suits him is that of zucchini spaghetti.

It is a healthy and greedy dish, which satisfies by offering a set of different flavors than usual and which thanks to the presence of dried fruit turns out to be tastier than ever. An alternative that they may like to the point of prompting them to include it often in their diet.

Scorpio – The chocolate tofu cake
The natives of Scorpio never say no to the possibility of tasting something new. If they have to launch into vegan cuisine, then, they prefer to do it in the round, experimenting with the right foods and trying their hand at their preparation. Even better if they can choose healthy foods such as tofu and dark chocolate to do so. For them, therefore, a perfect choice is given by the chocolate tofu cake. Fun to make and certainly able to surprise them positively, not to mention the explosion of flavor that they will love to the point of wanting to try it several times.

Sagittarius – The vegan version of mac & cheese
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius love to take things with fun and this is also reflected in their relationship with cooking. Not exactly being fans of the time spent behind the stove, for them the ideal choice is represented by a first course that is simple to prepare and that can remind them in the appearance of something they already know and that they consider greedy.
Mac & cheese in a vegan way will surprise and entertain them in the right way, introducing them in a positive way to vegan cuisine and making them want to practice to surprise and entertaining their friends.

Capricorn – The vegan carbonara
The natives of Capricorn are not very fond of the time spent in the kitchen and this is because they always have a whole series of commitments to follow that make them busy like few other people.

To approach the kitchen they, therefore, need something simple that is at the same time able to intrigue and entice them. The vegan carbonara, in this sense, can be the perfect choice because it is simple and quick to prepare but able to give it taste and even with healthier ingredients than the original recipe. A perfect dish also for dieting periods.

Aquarius – Homemade vegan sofficini
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are people who do not enjoy cooking much and who prefer to opt for quick dishes rather than greedy ones. Certainly, however, the pleasure of eating well is also part of their way of being. For this reason, a simple recipe might entice them enough to push them to the stove. The vegan sofficini are a perfect choice to experiment with something new and quickly prepare a dish that will satisfy them and be perfect to present to friends in the form of an aperitif.

Pisces – Cinnamon rolls
The natives of Pisces love good food and are fond of sweets. The cinnamon rolls, soft, rich in flavor, and scented with cinnamon are something he will always like, both in the classic version and in the vegan one. A good way to approach something different, even if they love to experiment, they don’t have big problems of this type, is, therefore, to try to make the vegan version of cinnamon rolls.

In this way, they will be able to enjoy a sweet they love and smell it even at home and all be able to taste it more often than usual, since it is a lighter food but still rich in taste.

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