Find out which is the must-try pasta dish based on your zodiac sign.

Pasta is one of the most loved foods by Italians. Whether it is simple for every day or more elaborate and to be eaten only on special occasions, a plate of pasta can smile at everyone. After all, pasta tastes like home, it is rich in carbohydrates that give a good mood, and if well balanced with the right ingredients it can also be an ideal dish to keep fit, as long as you don’t overdo it.

Since this is a topic that is a bit close to everyone’s heart and that the stars can at least partially influence how it can be enjoyed, today after having seen what is the healthy and nutritious breakfast for each zodiac sign and what is the most suitable first course for each sign of the zodiac, we will find out which pasta dish is best suited to prepare and taste based on the zodiac sign. An idea for each sign and complete with a recipe so that it can be recreated immediately.

Since it comes to personal tastes, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant to have a clearer idea or a few more tips on which dish to choose.

The most suitable pasta dish for every zodiac sign

Aries – Pennette with peppers
Those born under the sign of Aries love simple flavors and always prefer to choose recipes that are easy to make. Penne with peppers is therefore the ideal choice. With just a few ingredients they can create a tasty first course where pasta is the absolute protagonist. It is also a light dish that can be enjoyed quickly. Perfect to continue with a light second course like mozzarella to combine with vegetables.

A way like any other to eat with taste but without spending too much time in the kitchen. Exactly what the natives of the sign need.

Taurus – Pasta with truffle cream and ricotta
The natives of Toro are greedy by nature and when they decide to get in the kitchen it is always to create a dish that can satisfy the palate. Since cooking is something they do quite well, a recipe suitable for them can be pasta with truffle cream and ricotta. A greedy first course, all in all, simple but which combines particular flavors well. A choice that they can bring to the table both when they are alone and need to indulge in pampering and when they want to surprise those they love with something good.

Gemini – Mezze penne with Tomino, figs, and walnuts
Those born under the sign of Gemini need to enjoy foods that are always different and that can tickle their palate. For this reason, they should be able to choose from endless recipes so that they can be sure they will never get tired. If you want to choose a pasta dish, one that certainly lends itself to different variations is that of the mezze penne with Tomino, figs, and walnuts. A first course different from the usual and able to combine intense and pleasant flavors. And, at the same time, a nice recipe to make that will not bore them for sure, keeping their curiosity alight about the final result. A dish that lends itself well to their needs and that if well prepared, represents the first ideal to share with others.

Cancer – Pennette with speck and zucchini
Cancer natives, when it comes to cooking, prefer to opt for dishes that they can imagine. Too much space with the imagination is not something that suits him. For this reason, they prefer to opt for quick but still tasty and perfect preparations to be declined in any proposals for the people they love. A good example is that of penne with speck and zucchini. Excellent in flavor and easy to prepare. Creating the first course of pasta will be easier for them than they think and this will give them the right confidence to continue and experiment with all the variants of the case.

Leo – Baked stuffed conchiglioni
Those born under the sign of Leo always live as if they were on a stage. This prerogative of theirs also extends to the kitchen, which is why a first course they make must always have something special and able to give them the desired applause. The baked stuffed conchiglioni seem to be right for them, offering them the opportunity to present something different from the usual but certainly successful. A success that they will declare from the first taste.

Virgo – The fusilli alla trapanese
The natives of the Virgin do not like to engage in cooking but when they decide to prepare something they need it to be a successful product. When it comes to first courses, then, they end up being even more demanding and this is true both if they prepare for themselves and for the people they love. For this reason, a dish of pasta that suits him well is that of fusilli alla Trapanese.

A classic of Italian cuisine that will surely be able to satisfy their palate, allowing them to prepare something they can also offer to those they love. The ideal dish to be used several times, perhaps with some variations to be presented again in the second dish, to create a menu that has a more than evident logical thread. The detail that they will love to show off.

Libra – Mediterranean pasta salad
Those born under the sign of Libra, when it comes to cooking, love to recreate dishes that are healthy, tasty, and pleasant to look at. Going towards the warm season, they can be very much in line with cold dishes, excellent because they can be prepared even ahead of time and because they are always pleasant to look at. Being pasta, the Mediterranean pasta salad is the ideal choice for them because it can satisfy all their criteria quickly and easily. It is also a healthy dish that can be elaborated to become unique and well-balanced.

It is enough to increase the number of proteins, perhaps by adding cheese, to be able to enjoy something light but at the same time nutritious. Just what they need to feel gratified by what they prepare.

Scorpio – Baked pasta with salmon and mozzarella
The natives of Scorpio love elaborate meals and don’t struggle to combine multiple foods. Indeed, when they can do it they find it very funny, especially if the outcome is to be discovered. For this reason, a pasta dish suitable for them is the baked pasta with salmon and mozzarella. A first course that brings together very different flavors but that go well with each other giving life to something full-bodied and at the same time greedy. It is also a dish that can become complete by increasing the amount of protein. An alternative way to pamper yourself at the table or to present something different to the people you love most.

Sagittarius – Pasta alla carbonara
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius love everything simple but that can tickle their palate. When it comes to pasta-based first courses, they love to pour on the classics while keeping the possibility of change alive. For this reason, a first course that lends itself very well to them is pasta alla carbonara. To be made according to the classic recipe or with the appropriate variants. A fun way to get into the kitchen without too much effort but with the certainty of being able to create something beautiful to look at and good to taste. Exactly what they need, especially when they intend to present a dish to the people they love.

Capricorn – Pasta with asparagus
The natives of Capricorn love to choose pasta dishes that are healthy and simple at the same time. Playing with flavors is something that creates some anxiety and that at the moment of tasting they are not able to fully enjoy. Pasta with asparagus, therefore, really lends itself to their needs. Simple enough, it has the right ingredients to create a greedy and healthy dish.

Perfect to accompany with a light second course, perhaps based on cheese or eggs. A choice that they will love and that over time they will be able to enrich with some personal variation, suitable to make everything even more in their strings.

Aquarius – Noodles with meatballs
Those born under the sign of Aquarius always love to surprise anyone and do not disdain to be able to be amazed by themselves. When it comes to cooking, however, they don’t like to spend too much time in the kitchen unless it’s something that is fun and attractive to them. Noodles with meatballs are therefore the ideal choice because they can bring out their creative side, leading them to create a first course that lends itself to different variations. First of all that of using it as a single dish or of being able to present it differently at the table. A choice that will be able to satisfy them both in terms of preparation and taste. Also excellent for obtaining the right consent from relatives and friends.

Pisces – Cannelloni stuffed with fish
Those born under the sign of Pisces are among the greediest signs of the zodiac and when it comes to cooking they always love to opt for flavors that taste like home and evoke a sense of comfort in them. If we talk about first courses, especially if based on pasta, they, therefore, need something elaborate and that has a rich taste and everything to try. A good example is fish cannelloni, fun to prepare and excellent to taste.

Not to mention the aspect that differs from the usual and undoubtedly pleasant is also suitable for important lunches or dinners. Those in which to amaze relatives and friends with something that is elaborated at the right point and rich in aromas and flavors.


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