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6 Very Intelligent Zodiac Signs

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The title of nerd is given to the one who fixes his broken glasses with scotch tape, has vast knowledge about Star Trek, and does very well in school.

For many people, the word geek is a way of life that has given them the opportunity to express themselves. Being a nerd can suddenly seem dangerous and suggestive. This notion has recently been transformed into something fashionable. But, being a nerd means being smart, shy, scared, and well-informed about a certain subject. Do you love or hate nerds?

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Who are the zodiac nerds?


Aries is part of the category of nerds because nerds love to mess up, make fun of themselves and laugh at it. When he’s around, he can always teach you a thing or two. If there is an opportunity to participate in a general knowledge event, Aries is the first to sign up for the participation list.

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Geminis are nerds. If he has many pens in his pocket, you can tell from the start that it is about this zodiac sign. They don’t care about what is happening around them and the observations they receive, because they are too focused on building all kinds of smart devices or systems. If you are interested in this aspect, he can teach you everything about what he does.

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Cancer is the sign that does those cute nerdy things, like baking themed cookies and inviting everyone over. He does this to prove that he is the same as everyone else, he is human and can be useful!

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Libra is a born nerd who has extraordinary s*x appeal. She will do, say and dress as she likes because she is nobody’s slave. However, she can be a slave to fashion.

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The Sagittarius gets lost in his thoughts all the time.

He is ambitious and will not give up until he gets what he wants. He will get those tickets and get backstage to get an autograph from his favorite actor or even take a photo with him, no matter what the costs.

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Capricorn is nothing but a nerd, a whole encyclopedia, lost in his thoughts, and able to quote any line from his favorite series. He may feel insulted when you call him a nerd, but that’s the bare truth.

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