1. If he was really interested in me, he would report more often.

Yes, it says ER very deliberately, because it is mainly women who think too much, constantly look at their cell phones and imagine the most absurd worst-case scenarios. It is actually advisable to sit back and relax and remember that you have met a very special person. Possibly. Because you only really realize whether this is actually the case over time. That’s why it’s so important to take a little back and not throw everything in the ring right away. Then the disappointment is not that big if it doesn’t fit. You are also very special. And if he doesn’t recognize that, he doesn’t deserve you.

2. Happy relationships are always harmonious.

No they are not. Happy relationships are hard work. See also point 5. To create harmony, one thing is required above all: satisfaction. First you need security for yourself, but also for your partner. This means that, although there are dozens of other potential partners out there, you consciously choose your own because you can’t replace them. This gives him security and leads to more satisfaction (ergo harmony) in the relationship. It is important to address the things that disturb you and to gain understanding and an open ear from your partner. From time to time, you can really fly the scraps without having to question everything.

3. Finding the right partner is about as easy as a four-leaf clover.

With the setting you are definitely at the forefront. Not. Of course it is not easy to find Mr. Right, but it is much more difficult to recognize him in time. Too often we give up the chance for a nice chat, a short flirt that might have a lot of potential. The right partner will definitely not come ridden in a shiny armor on a mold. You may not even recognize him when you see him. You may already know him. It probably happens when you least expect it. You are just grumbling on the train about the misguided date with the idiot from last week and swears off the men’s world when a nice guy sits down in the seat opposite you. You check it out inconspicuously, it’s not exactly your dream type, but has these beautiful, gentle eyes. And you stare at him. Oops, how embarrassing! But don’t worry, because now he has noticed your interest and speaks to you at the stop where you both get out. This is how it can be done.

4. There is only one great love once in a lifetime.

How do you know that what you had was all? Maybe it is also possible to be happy with another partner in a completely different way. No relationship is like any other, like no one is like another. Because of the different constellations of the characters, real miracles can happen. Perhaps it is only through the support of the new partner that you can develop and develop in such a way that you only understand that the old partner has actually slowed you down and slowed you down in your personal development. So maybe the apparently great love is followed by an even bigger one.

5. A good relationship runs by itself.

Probably the most important point in our list is the last one. Above all, a good relationship cannot be taken for granted. If you don’t water a plant regularly, it will die. Unless you have a cactus. But who wants to be with a cactus too? You also have to cultivate friendships so that they last. So if you work on your own quirks and understand the partner’s, it will become easier to adapt to the partner over time. It is helpful, as always in life, to reflect on yourself and question whether what you are doing is right. Then you are more accessible to criticism and can work very differently on the relationship.

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