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5 Astrological Signs That Are Particularly Difficult In Love


Leo’s demands are very high and this is understandable from a king.

Things just have to add up, and physical and emotional attraction must coexist, for a Leo to give a relationship a chance to be successful.

Lions take relationships very seriously. This is why they take their time when choosing their romantic partner.

On the other hand, once they have decided to take this step, they invest in it one hundred percent.


It is not that they are difficult because they are superficial, far from it. Libra’s meticulous and picky side stems from their indecisive nature.

This is because Libra weighs all the pros and cons, all the fears and all the possibilities, and all possible scenarios before making their final decision whether or not to agree to date someone.

Usually, Libra people don’t rush into a relationship or anything else.

On the other hand, if they think too long, the relationship will not happen. They need to feel a strong chemistry and a sense of security from the start.


Aquarius people just aren’t made for mediocre things.

This is why they are waiting for someone who will be able to consider them as a separate and unique being, that is to say someone who will be able to seduce their mind as well as their body, and that is why, Aquarians will never settle for less than this.

Aquarians are drawn to people who stay true to themselves under all circumstances and who never fall for stereotypes.

This is why their partner has to be someone who is mostly at the same intellectual level as them, who has high moral values, who fits their canon definition, and it may take them a long time to find someone. ‘one that is all of these at the same time.


While Scorpios aren’t picky when it comes to fleeting adventures, they’re especially picky when it comes to the person they plan to have a real relationship with.

They are very appealing, and for them, it is important that they connect with the person in question on this level, but that is only a small part of the story.

They also want someone who will understand the things they don’t say, someone who will be kinky in private and angelic in public, and of course someone who loves them, appreciates them, and makes them feel special.

It goes without saying that the person they want is not that easy to find. They really need a very special person, and only then will they find someone who will have won them over on every level.


Choosing who they will relate to is a complex process for Virgos. Indeed, Virgo people are great perfectionists.

They expect a lot of themselves, and they expect even more from their partner.

Their demands are high, and no one can easily meet them.

The good thing about their picky and painstaking side is that they refuse to date someone who will treat them as an option or keep them as a back-up plan.

Virgos want reciprocity and someone who will want them just as much as they want that person, otherwise it’s not even worth trying.

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