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Some zodiac signs are prone to suffering for love. According to astrologers, it is because they possess unique characteristics and this is it.

Love is a wonderful feeling. It makes you change your perspective and gives rise to the desire to make plans for a life together. All because of those butterflies that form in the stomach that give us the illusion that life is easier and more beautiful together with our loved ones. However, the passage of time often changes everything, in some cases love stops smiling at us, we realize that the person we thought was the right one, in reality, wasn’t right at all. The point is that love is the most powerful feeling in the world but it needs to be nurtured every day, to be defended and protected like a child and you need to be ready to sacrifice yourself in her name.

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The way in which we relate to love according to astrologers is also connected to our date of birth and therefore to our zodiac sign which gives us unique and distinctive characteristics, complete with strengths and weaknesses. If some signs are more inclined to suffer for love it is because they tend to fall in love with the wrong people. The signs that have this tendency are:
Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio.

Here are the signs that suffer the most in love

Pisces is a creative, sentimental sign and travels a lot with its imagination. Many Pisces natives are artists, actors, or singers. This sign loves the quiet life and the simplest solutions, it is a factory of great ideas but when it comes to love Pisces becomes too sensitive, has too high perspectives and over plans everything. This tendency of his leads him to give much more than what he receives and over time this translates into a great disappointment in love. There is no perfection, the secret is to be able to love people for their imperfections but the Pisces sign when he understands that the loved one is not as he imagined tends to push her away and withdraw into her suffering.

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For the Cancer native, there is nothing more important in life than love. Love surpasses even material things, it’s a sign that he believes a lot in the family and since childhood, he feels the desire to form his own. The Cancer native is a bit reserved and sometimes a bit shy and finds it hard to fall in love but the moment his heart beats for someone it does it for life. Cancer does not want short and fleeting relationships, it prefers intense and lasting relationships and people with whom to build a future together, it is a very serious sign and demands the same seriousness from its partner. Fortunately, Cancers don’t always meet people who exactly reciprocate their feelings and this causes a breakup. It takes a long time to heal his wounds and move on. It is an extremely sensitive sign, the failure of love is experienced by him as a personal failure, and he loses his self-esteem together with love.

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The sign of Scorpio is the most mysterious sign of the Zodiac. This sign talks little about himself and shows little about his feelings. He’s reluctant to sign to trust but when she falls for him everything changes. Her partner and his families are the center of her world about him and the most important things she owns. His happiness depends on them. Unfortunately, this sign is extremely jealous and has a tendency to be overly possessive. This is the main reason that causes her relationships to end. Scorpio’s first reaction is to feel extreme sadness and disappointment but soon after the desire for revenge pervades him. Once his temper has calmed down he thinks about how to take revenge on the person who doesn’t reciprocate his feelings for him.

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Aquarius is an original and outgoing sign. He usually prefers a calm and quiet life and when he is serene he becomes very humorous. He never focuses on problems because for every problem there is always a solution for him and he doesn’t stop until he finds it. When it comes to love, Aquarius completely loses his mind so much that he can no longer concentrate on his work. When love ends the same thing happens and before he recovers he needs a long time. His relationships end because Aquarius is a very sensitive sign and when you hurt him his emotionality does not forgive.

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Virgo tends to be a very outgoing and very sociable sign. She doesn’t struggle to make friends or to establish new relationships but she is too demanding in love. Her, He wants to fall in love with her but if the person who is at her side does not satisfy her expectations of her, he loses the desire to build her love life with her.

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