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4 Zodiacs Who Will Experience A Personal Breakthrough In February


This is the month you say enough is enough, Aquarius. The month you realize you’ve been putting yourself through hell and for no readily apparent reason. The higher powers you’ve been serving don’t have your best interests in mind. Your e-mail inbox is never going to be empty. There is always going to be one piece of dirty laundry in the hamper. Someone, somewhere wants to you text back faster than you feel like, and for what? You need to get up, immediately and go take a walk. Breathe some fresh air and remember what the sun feels like on your face. Take a moment to be in the moment, because you’ve been burning your candle at both ends and if you’re not careful, there won’t be anything left of yourself to burn. Slow the eff down. Once you force yourself to, you’ll realize just how easy it is. How much more balanced your life would become if you put yourself first, at least some of the time.


This is the month you need to pick up the phone and call someone, Capricorn. Not a text, or an email, or a meme. There’s someone’s voice you need to hear. Someone who you can’t hide your hurt by staying silent any longer. Your support system is your support system for a reason. The way you’ve been behaving during this challenging time is like having a life vest and choosing not to wear it while the ship is sinking. You can’t even feel sorry for yourself when you have the resources to help you at your disposal and choose not to use them. You don’t open a bottle of wine with a can opener, and you don’t stare at it thirsty when there is a corkscrew in reach either. Just take that leap of faith and place your feelings in someone else’s hands. They will take good care of theme and you will feel an immediate weight lifted off your shoulders.


The time is now Capricorn. And the time is now, not because no other time will work, and if you don’t do it now you will forever regret it, it’s simply just the time. The time to plan that trip with your parents. The time to buy yourself that watch. The time to hit up your crush and see if they’re free to grab coffee. You are waiting for nothing. You are lacking nothing. Delaying these dreams, wishes, and goals is serving you in no productive way. Enjoy your life today, so you can enjoy it even more tomorrow. Hug someone not because you’re afraid you won’t be able to hug them at some point shortly, but because living by the rule you should hug people as often as humanly possible is a fantastic way to look at life. Stop thinking of doing things for yourself as a cheat day, or a treat. Being kind to yourself should be a daily requirement.


You’re good now, Taurus. It doesn’t erase what happened in the past, or make it okay, or any easier to deal with, but you’re also allowed to enjoy and trust in your present security. It’s okay to feel okay in your body and your mind after a harrowing experience. It’s okay to feel safe. To start to believe that the worst is truly behind you. While the memory of the experience might always be painful, to be certain that the same thing can’t harm you in the present. You can draw that clear line in the sand between then and now. You can put distance between what you’ve been through and where you’re going. To say, I’m in a different place now, and I’m headed somewhere even better. To hope and dream after loss and hurt. You get to continue writing your own story. The best is yet to come.

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