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4 Zodiacs Who Spent Too Much Of March Worrying

You don’t want to waste your whole life worrying. It’s good to be prepared for the future, but you don’t want to take your preparation too far and start obsessing over every little decision you make, every little possible problem that could occur. Here are a few zodiacs who wasted too much of this March worrying and should be careful with their stress levels as they move into April:


Taurus, you tend to fear the unknown. When you aren’t sure what’s going to happen, you assume it’s something bad. You assume you’re about to face a horrible shitstorm. But that’s not always the case. Sure, bad things happen, but most of the time you end up okay. Take this month for example. You spent so much of your time worrying about things that never even ended up happening. Or things that did happen, but you were able to handle better than you could have ever imagined. In the future, try not to waste so many hours worrying because you’re always okay in the end.


Virgo, you’re a planner, so you like to think three steps ahead. And that’s perfectly fine. However, there comes a point when your planning stops being productive and turns into pure worry. Into examining all the what-ifs and feeling overwhelmed by them. Although planning can get you far, all the extra worrying will get you a headache. Since you don’t want to spend the rest of the year as stressed out as you were during March, try to remember to plan in moderation. Do whatever is within your power to make yourself feel prepared. But don’t keep dwelling on what might happen and psyching yourself out.


Cancer, most of your worrying revolves around other people. You care deeply about them and you want them to be okay. You don’t want them to go through any hardships — but they will. That’s part of life. Even though you wish you could protect them, that’s not your responsibility. You can help them whenever they come to you with problems — but remember that they are more capable than you’ve been believing. Don’t underestimate their ability to withstand what life throws at them. They are going to be okay. Trust them to make the right decisions. Trust them to take care of themselves. Trust them to figure everything out, with or without you. Because if you spend your whole life worrying about them, you’re never going to have time to focus on yourself.


Scorpio, you like to ponder the worst-case scenarios so you’re prepared when shit hits the fan. But if you’re always expecting bad things to happen, it could become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Even though you can’t turn into an optimist overnight, try your best to imagine what could go right next time, instead of only dwelling on what could go wrong. You spent way too much of this March getting upset over things that hadn’t even happened yet and maybe never will, so don’t spend April doing the same. Try to see the good in others and this world as a whole.

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