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4 Zodiacs Who Feel Overwhelmed With Dating This December

Dating can be complicated. Until you find the right person, there are a thousand little disappointments. A thousand little heartbreaks. But you’re not alone in feeling this way. Here are a few signs who have been feeling overwhelmed by dating this December:


Taurus, you hate how unpredictable dating is in 2023. You can never guess whether someone is going to text you back, let alone whether they will set up another date with you. It feels like you keep falling for people, only to realize that they aren’t interested in anything serious. They will flirt with you for weeks, but they won’t take things to the next step. They will drop off the face of the planet, or they’ll string you along with promises to hang out soon but it will never end up happening. All you’re looking for is someone consistent. Someone who is genuine when they say they want to get to know you. Someone who keeps their promises and puts active effort into hanging out with you. The fact that you never know whether a certain person is going to rise to your standards and become your person or go MIA like the others is overwhelming. It makes dating exhausting.


Libra, dating has been overwhelming because you aren’t sure how much time you should dedicate to certain hearts. You don’t want to walk away and end up missing out on an epic love story. But you don’t want to stick around too long and prolong your heartbreak if the relationship isn’t going to work out either. It’s so hard to decide whether you’ve found your person or whether someone greater is waiting around the corner. The choices you need to make are overwhelming because you aren’t sure what the right move to make is. You aren’t afraid of choosing the hardest route. You just wish you knew whether it was the right route.


Dating has felt overwhelming because relationships aren’t always sunshine and roses. Sometimes, there are struggles to face and problems to solve — but you are a busy person. You have so many responsibilities that you don’t have time to deal with relationship problems. You have been feeling overwhelmed because you want love to be a source of relaxation, an escape from your stress, but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes it adds to your stress. And you aren’t sure how to handle so much going on in your world at once. You aren’t sure how to prioritize these problems.


Pisces, dating feels overwhelming because you feel like you’re stuck in a loop. Even when you find the strength to say goodbye to people who are hurting you and move on, you end up in the exact same situation with someone else. You aren’t sure whether you have bad taste or whether everyone is bound to treat you like this — but the answer is neither. You simply haven’t found the person who is meant to be yours yet. You need to hold onto the hope that someone better is out there because you don’t want to settle. You don’t want to grow too overwhelmed and decide to take your best option so far in order to save yourself the trouble. There are going to be better options in the future. Just you wait.

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