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4 Zodiacs Who Desperately Need A Vacation This Week (May 6 – 12)

The days, weeks, and months tick by, and you can’t help but feel all that stress building up with time. Some of us just need a vacation. Even if it’s just to spend a solid five days napping, it’s worth it. If you’re one of the following four zodiac signs, you’re feeling a call to the beach or a mountain cabin even more than usual. This is your sign to take some time off.


You work hard. You play hard. It’s not like you don’t try to make time for fun, but the fun times have been a little stagnant lately. Maybe it’s the weather or the post-holiday blues that seem to linger for too long. Maybe it’s that your friends don’t have as much hangout energy as you do. Clearly, you need a break in the form of drinking a fruity drink from a coconut while on the beach. Even if you can’t make it happen this week, it’s a good time to start trawling the airline websites for good flight deals.


Life can be really draining sometimes. You often feel like an island unto yourself, alone with your feelings and emotions. It’s exhausting. This week you’re feeling especially wrung-out and could probably use time off to get centered. Maybe a yoga retreat? Heck, even just some time alone in your apartment binge-watching old episodes of Friends could be the thing you need to get better. Here’s to the hope that you can get that vacation you so desperately need.


Your need for a vacation is less about recuperation and more about the desire to have an epic spring break adventure. It’s just about that time of year and you’re itching to have a vacation with your friends that could rival any big road trip movie. You need the shenanigans after a tiring winter and so many months without anything book-worthy happening in your life. Even better, you could have a little spring break fling. And this is the perfect time of year for it.


You like to act like you don’t need anything. We all know that’s not true. You are human after a while. And you’ve probably put off using your vacation time for way longer than you should. It’s caught up to you, hasn’t it, Scorpio? Take this as a sign from the universe to finally go out and do something other than working or staying at home. Your mental wellbeing will thank you. (And your self-esteem will probably have some nice things to say about that tan, too.

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