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4 Zodiacs Who Can’t Handle Mixed Signals

Mixed signals are never fun. They are confusing and misleading and one of the worst parts about modern dating.

Although no one actually likes mixed signals, here are some signs who have the most trouble handling mixed signals:


Cancers are all-in when it comes to relationships. They aren’t interested in almost relationships or temporary flings that only last the summer. When they fall for someone new, they fall hard. They are never going to give someone half their heart because they take their commitments seriously. They have trouble understanding it when someone gives mixed signals because they aren’t sure how a person could like them enough to flirt with them but not enough to commit to them. They have never been in this situation themselves, so they aren’t sure how to handle it. They aren’t sure how long they should stick around, and how long they should wait to see whether this person ends up sticking to a plan and committing.


Capricorns are straightforward. They mean exactly what they say. You can trust every word that comes out of their mouth because they don’t see the point in playing games. They are going to be brutally honest with you, even when it hurts – and they assume you’ll give them the same respect. They assume that you’ll be transparent about your expectations with them. When someone sends mixed signals to a Capricorn, they aren’t sure what to do because they certainly aren’t going to sink to that level. They aren’t going to be vague about their own feelings. They are still going to be authentic and honest – and if that turns the other person off, oh well.


Virgos pride themselves on their intelligence. They don’t like to feel lost and confused. It bothers them. This is why they cannot stand when someone sends them mixed signals when they aren’t exactly sure where they stand with this other person. Virgos are tough, so they can handle rejection – but mixed signals are worse. They would rather be told straight-up that this person isn’t interested. They would rather have the bandage ripped off on day one. They don’t want to be forced to stick around and wonder and wait to see what happens. They aren’t patient enough for those questions to go unanswered.


Scorpios are possessive. If they’re in a relationship with you, they need to trust you. They need to know that they’re the only ones you’re interested in dating and that your heart is never going to stray. That’s why mixed signals bother them so much. When they aren’t sure whether this person is going to commit to them or abandon them, they have trouble coping. After all, the thought of someone they like hooking up with someone else (or even flirting with someone else) really gets under their skin. They cannot handle it. But if this person isn’t committing to them, they feel like they don’t have the right to get upset about it – or, at least, to show that they’re upset about it.

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