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Women of These Zodiac Signs Know How to Camouflage Sadness Very Well

Sadness is a negative feeling that emerges disruptively in each of us. But while there are signs that make it come out at all times, in every gesture, in every word or movement, especially when they are afflicted by it, there are other signs that instead tend to camouflage it, and in some cases, they succeed very well.

We decided to talk about it today, about this second category of people, of course. And if you’re curious to know if you’re among them too, then, all you have to do is keep reading in one breath, the piece we’ve written just for you today. But let’s go in order and start right from the first on the list. Or rather from the first on the list, since our article, today will deal only with women.


When he has a problem, when he feels sad about something, then he shuts down and doesn’t express negative emotions and feelings in his way, involving all the people around him. It’s not always a good feeling, let’s say so, also because over time, every kind of feeling, even negative, is expressed clearly and strongly. She should learn how to talk to her closest friends so she can handle this kind of thing as well.


And what about her? The Capricorn woman is frozen when she goes through an unhappy historical period. There are times when she prefers not to let anyone know anything about herself. Well, sadness could also oppress others too, which she never wants.


Last round: the virgin. She is so good and a perfectionist that if she is having a bad time no one will ever notice. Whether it’s good or bad, we don’t know. But that’s the way it is.

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