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4 Zodiacs Wearing Armor Around Their Heart This February

It’s not always easy to let your guard down – and sometimes, it’s not your best option either. You don’t want to let in the wrong person. You don’t want to give too much of yourself away before you’re ready. It’s okay to keep your walls high sometimes. Here are the zodiacs wearing armor around their heart this February:


You aren’t in the headspace to let in anyone new right now, and that’s okay. You don’t have to take such a big risk right now. You don’t have to lay your heart on the line for someone else. You are allowed to take your time getting comfortable with someone new before you lower your walls for them. The right person will be willing to wait until you feel comfortable. So never pressure yourself to move faster than you’re ready to move. No, you don’t want to keep your heart closed off forever, but it’s okay if you need to keep it guarded right now. It’s okay if you need some more time until you love again.


You are going to be wearing armor around your heart this February because you don’t want to make a mistake that you regret. You don’t want to open up to the wrong person too soon, only to have them hurt you. You are trying to avoid rushing into situations like you normally do. You have an impulsive nature that makes it easy to fall hard and fast for new people – but you don’t want to let that happen again. Next time you fall in love, you want to take it slow. You want to do it right. You aren’t going to give someone every little piece or yourself too early. They need to prove that they deserve it first. They need to show you that they can truly be trusted.


This February, you are keeping armor around your heart because the pain from the last person who hurt you is still fresh. You’re still dealing with sadness anger and frustration over what they have done to you. You aren’t ready to open your heart up to someone new and risk having history repeat itself. You need a little more time to heal before you are going to give love another shot. And that’s perfectly valid. There’s nothing wrong with remaining cautious like this. There’s a time and a place when you should let down your walls – and it’s okay if that time isn’t right now.


You are going to wear armor around your heart this February because you want to focus on yourself for now. You want to prioritize your own needs instead of working your butt off to make others happy the way that you usually do. Although you have had an open heart for most of your life, you are going to be a little more careful with it at the moment. You don’t want to let the wrong person get their hands on it. You want to take care of the person in the mirror right now. Love isn’t on your mind this month. Self-care is.

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