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4 Zodiacs Destined For A Spicy Spring Fling In March


This March you will find your next great muse, Taurus. Your emotional well has run dry and as a result, you feel almost unmotivated by anything. It’s not that you push yourself for other people’s approval, it’s more so that love is like a power source for you. It gives you a reason to create, work harder, and pursue the things you want to. Do I think this is a healthy aspect of your psyche, not necessarily but just don’t allow yourself to become self-destructive this March? After a slow and somber winter, you will finally feel refreshed by spring fling. At first, you might not think much of what’s presented in front of you, but there is a good chance it will take you by surprise and exceed all expectations.


I’m not surprised to see you here Leo. As represented by your ruling planet, The Sun, you naturally attract the attention of many suitors and capture them in your gravitational pull without trying. However, what is most likely to happen come March is the return of an old flame. Something you couldn’t possibly predict yourself. I almost don’t want to spoil it for you because not knowing is going to be the most exciting part of this encounter. No need to look over your shoulder or peruse the roster. Whatever is to come will shock you yet deep down inside not surprise you. Feelings you once had that have withered away through winter, will take root once more come spring. You will know who it is because it will feel like a surprise warm spell after a long cold winter. That feeling of euphoria, when the sun finally shines again after shorter days and frigid nights. It’s so invigorating to feel the heat of light. It’s days like these that give us hope for brighter days. And this fling will be nothing short of this same feeling.


You and I are in for a treat then, huh Capricorn? I’m also a Cap for context so I was just as shocked as you might be right now when I pulled the cards and found out what’s to come in March for us. I don’t know about you but I’ve just about given up on love for the time being. Yet lo and behold, here we are my friends. We deserve this. February has been a mixed bag of great highs and painful lows and the last thing you’re expecting right now is a spring fling. Forget Cupid and all that Valentine’s marketed faux love BS anyway, March Madness all the way, baby! The thing about you and I is that when life brings us down, we tend to shut ourselves in and zero in completely on ourselves, our work, and our personal growth. “No relationships or unexpected excitement, please” is usually the sentiment we tell ourselves. A common pattern with Capricorns is that the second we are free from the pain of longing and genuinely wish to be left alone, that’s when the next lover comes out of the woodwork. But as closed off as you think you might come across, it is this energy of “I don’t give a fuck” that is so magnetic to others. Your guard is always up but eventually, they find a way in and you welcome the excitement and change of pace. Embrace what’s to come in March, it’s a much-needed distraction, and who knows where it may lead.


You’re a tough sign to pin down. Quite the free spirit. You tend to hop from lover to lover and bed to bed. You’re the one who got away. But come March, you’ll find yourself feeling a sense of comfort with someone you’ve never experienced. However, I think this sense of comfort will be derived from the sheer unpredictability for you. This is a wild statement to say because nothing phases you cause you’ve seen it all. This might be your twin flame. Be warned, however, though you typically manage to fall in and out of love unscathed, this spring fling might leave bruises on your knees and scars on your heart. You may or may not get away with it this time but trust me, it’s worth it. What is excitement without a little danger? I know you’re feeling butterflies at the thought of a challenge. It’s engaging for you. Something new and fresh. You think you’ve seen it all and experienced it all but I promise you that March will prove you wrong.

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