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The stars reveal who are the zodiac signs who love cuddles and displays of affection. They are very sweet signs.

Our membership in the zodiac sign gives us distinct personality traits. Our strengths and weaknesses and our way of relating to others may depend not only on our background and experiences but also on our zodiac sign.

According to astrologers, some zodiac signs would be particularly inclined to be affectionate and to do a lot of cuddles. If your partner is one of these signs you will have noticed that he loves physical contact, closeness and hugs you often.

They are the signs that they love to cuddle their partner

These signs do not have emotional blocks that do not allow them to totally externalize their emotions like Sagittarius. For them, showing all their affection is very simple and they are very good at mastering their self-control. Here are the most expansive signs towards the partner:


Anyone who knows Cancer knows how tied he is to his family and how loving he is towards all his loved ones, especially with the partner with whom he tries to create a strong relationship also on an emotional level. Cancer shows all the feelings they feel for their partner by promoting physical and emotional closeness and bringing well-being to their loved one both materially and psychologically. Being also a very empathic sign, he has the gift of being able to perfectly understand what others feel and to put himself in their shoes.


Leo is an eccentric, brilliant sign with many facets. What is certain is that she loves being the center of attention, even with her partner. They have a big heart and are passionate and determined. When they fall in love they become very affectionate and express themselves through physical contact rather than words. What is certain is that you can expect from them attitudes that transform a common moment into something unforgettable.


Libra natives are affectionate and romantic. They love serenity and conflict-free relationships, are sociable and love to conquer and feel charming. This is why the Libra partner over time reserves the person who loves gentle and flirtatious gestures. This sign always looking for balance, in love tries to achieve this condition by combining charm and ways of doing. This is his secret and what gives him an edge in romance.


Virgo is a very demanding sign. Always in search of perfection he appears a great critic in love in reality when she loves her partner she does not stifle the tender and affectionate side of her. Virgo tends to pamper you through cute gestures and fulfilling the wishes of the other. This sign will make sure to always offer you the best. Expect gifts from him without a set occasion and many surprises. He doesn’t talk much about love but when he does he is able to melt your heart.


Pisces is a great dreamer. He loves to fantasize and shape his perfect relationship into his dreams as that of the most beautiful fairy tales. Being a hyper sensitive sign, he soon learns to protect himself and not immediately show all his affection for him. The time and certainties acquired about his partner allow him to lower his barriers and show the sentimental and sweet side of him. This sign is very romantic and he lives love under the best auspices by committing to use everything in his power to make his relationship unique. Pisces will bestow extremely romantic gestures, words and attitudes.

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