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4 Zodiac Signs Who Should Watch Their Backs This April

April is all about rejuvenating rain, the first flowers of spring, and the world finally warming up. Wouldn’t it be nice if everything would work out swimmingly? Of course! But what if there’s something or someone underneath it all that has it out for you instead? While some of us will be having a fantastic April, four zodiacs may need to watch their backs. You are poised for things to not go your way, but if you’re careful, everything should work out just fine.


You’re at the tail-end of Aries season now. While you’re likely feeling fiery and rejuvenated for your birthday, that might mean you’re just distracted enough not to notice an undercurrent of negativity heading your way. Do you have a good relationship with everyone in your circle, or have you been missing the signs that something else is going on? Watch your back or you may have some interpersonal problems with one or more people you thought were your friends.


You love a routine and find comfort in doing the same thing every day. The problem with routines is that they can be distracting. You may not notice what’s going on around you as well as others might. If you were hoping to get a raise or promotion at your job, you should step away from your routine. Few good things happen at work when you aren’t paying attention. Watch your back at work by keeping a look out for ways you can make yourself stand out. (Also, happy Taurus season!)


Complacency is the killer of so many relationships. If you get too comfortable with your partner, they might feel like you no longer care about them like you used to. It also makes you miss the surefire signs that the relationship may not be as steady as you thought. For April, watch your back by treating your partner as the special, wonderful person they are. Show just how much you care. Every relationship, no matter how comfortable, can still benefit from a little extra attention now and then.


You’re one of the most carefree signs of the zodiac. You have an unrivaled confidence and often feel like everything will just work out on its own. While that’s often true, especially for you, your luck may be running out this April. For now, don’t assume that everything will be fine. If you want things to work out, you’ll have to put in the effort to make sure that’s true. Watch your back this month by keeping an eye on your surroundings. Don’t tempt fate by letting your confidence blind you.

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