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4 Zodiac Signs That Always Fall in Love With the Wrong Person

You probably already know what it’s like to have a crush on a colleague, a close friend, or someone who is already in a relationship. But some people seem to have a predisposition for impossible love and face such situations much more often than others.

The stars have a say in this regard. Some zodiac signs often fall into this trap of fate and fall in love with the wrong person. The natives of these signs seem to be attracted like a magnet to what they cannot have, especially in their emotional life.

Here are the 4 zodiac signs that always fall in love with the wrong person:


Aries is spontaneous and impulsive, so it is difficult for them to control their feelings. Many times, the natives of this sign don’t think about the consequences of their actions, which is why they end up flirting with people they shouldn’t be doing that with. It is especially about people with whom they have no chance to form a relationship.

Because they are passionate and used to getting what they want, it is difficult for these natives to take a step back and accept the truth. They are tempted to turn everything into a challenge and do everything they can to win over that special someone. However, there are some limits that Aries will never cross, especially if there is a risk of causing suffering to others.


Libra is a romantic sign, always looking for true love. Although the last thing they want is to destroy a happy relationship, Libras often end up falling in love with people who already have someone. But the truth is that Libras do not necessarily fall in love with that person, but want to live the same experience, of a beautiful and harmonious relationship.

Another “harmful” habit of Libra is falling in love with friends. The closer he gets to a person, the more attached he becomes, and moves from friendship to love. Libras see beauty in everyone, so they often end up falling in love with the wrong person, which often brings them suffering.


Gemini natives are known for their ability to self-sabotage. Sometimes they fall in love with someone who is not available precisely because they know that person will not break their heart. I recognize the fact that they will never be a couple, so that person becomes a “virtual” target towards which they direct all their emotions. Of course, this habit can be painful, but he prefers to admire and love from a distance than to put his soul on a tray in front of someone.


Pisces always fall in love with friends and colleagues. But the last thing they want is to destroy that friendship or turn the workplace atmosphere into a strange or tense one. These natives are often content with what is already there and do nothing to cause change. But at the same time, they want to confess what they feel. The inner struggle that they fight can be extremely painful and sometimes manifests itself in artistic or creative ways. It is part of the nature of Pisces to be constantly in love, even with the wrong people.

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