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Does your partner not understand your requests for attention? Perhaps it is one of the most insensitive zodiac signs in the zodiac.

Love is a complicated feeling that becomes simpler as we learn to understand each other. Each individual is a treasure trove of emotions, needs, expectations, dreams and so on. Making your partner happy means being able in some way to interpret and satisfy the needs of the other and at least to understand her requests for attention. Unfortunately for 3 signs of the zodiac all this is practically impossible, since they themselves are not sensitive to the compliments and advances of the partner, they do not even understand the requests for attention of the other party.

Is your partner numb and you can’t get his or her graces? If he’s aloof and doesn’t understand your requests for attention, maybe he’s just one of the most insensitive signs in the zodiac.

The 3 signs of the zodiac most insensitive to the partner’s requests for attention

Men who belong to these 3 zodiac signs are the least demonstrative of the zodiac from an emotional point of view. Not only do they not react to your advances but they do not even understand when it is time to make them to please their partner. According to astrologers, their astral belonging is the main cause of their innate insensitivity.

1. Gemini

Gemini men are independent and want a partner with whom they can have an equal relationship and not a woman who takes the place of a mother. His ideal woman is his best friend and confidant, a woman with many resources just like him. A woman who meets these criteria will likely become the mother of his children. When the Gemini is not very demonstrative and insensitive it is because he feels hunted and shows the need for space. This sign needs to breathe. If you do not press him, he will come to look for you to share a moment of intimacy with you or tell you about his days since he loves to have a strong and confidential relationship with half of him.

2. Libra

With the Libra native one must be cautious. This sign does not tolerate criticism and judgments especially if it is his sweetheart who makes them. In the eyes of the beloved he wants to be perfect and desired, the criticisms destabilize him and put him on the go. Never tell the Libra man how to do something, like clean the house, or iron or force him to do something as if his partner were a mom. Libra is too proud and wants to be independent. Moreover, if he is elusive it is only because his partner is preventing him from being a predator. Never let him lack the desire for conquest. It is not obvious that some men want to fulfill this role of hunter.

3. Scorpio

The native of Scorpio is very mysterious and introverted but at the same time passionate. Like Gemini and Libra, he desires to feel free and have the desire to go on to conquer. Scorpio likes to feel wanted but not too much, he likes his partner to be elusive, it stimulates him to try to win her back. His woman will have to enjoy all his trust. This sign does not tolerate betrayal. For the Scorpio native, it takes a confident woman who is able to awaken the passion and motivation in him to make the relationship a continuous surprise.

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