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4 Signs of the Zodiac Who Hiding Their Feelings

Dealing with them, well, it’s very difficult, because these are the signs that hide their feelings in the face of anything.

Whether these are difficult, complex signs, it is sometimes impossible to understand what they are looking for and what they want. Usually, however, you can decipher them with a little common sense and a good deal of goodwill. You can still do it when you want to go all the way.

In any case, today’s signs are them, difficult in feelings but still beautiful when they manage to open up in a more than unique, more unique than rare way. But well, we don’t want to get lost in useless chatter in our preamble, we want to get right to the heart with great intensity.

The signs that rarely manage to open up in feelings are precisely them. Let’s get started on the fly.


Cancers are known for their reserved attitude and certainly not very open. This sign tends to keep their feelings hidden and hardly share them with others, as they are afraid of being hurt. He is also famous for his pleasant personality and for being very empathetic, he doesn’t like to hurt or upset others with his feelings and therefore chooses to remain silent even when he suffers internally.


Despite being sociable and open, Aries is very secretive about their feelings and never reveals them to others. He tends to want to show an image of himself as a strong and bold person, so he tries to keep an aura of mystery around him, avoiding expressing his true feelings. Opening up for him isn’t very easy, but when he does, he knows how to do it in a big way.


Scorpios are similar to Aries in keeping their feelings private. They have intense emotions, but they never share them with anyone. When injured, they can become chaotic and confused, so they prefer to avoid doing weird things in their emotional state. By weird stuff, we mean opening up more than exponentially.


Capricorns are difficult to understand and read, as they are adept at hiding their feelings. They may appear friendly and outgoing, but in reality, they keep their life goals and purposes under wraps and rarely share them with others. They usually have a hard time opening up, and they don’t do it very often, as we said. But knowing them thoroughly you learn a lot. Seeing is believing.

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