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4 Signs Of Men Who Do Not Know How To Fight For You – They Run Away At The First Serious Problem

To love is not easy, that’s for sure. Relationships are not only about how you feel during the honeymoon phase.

When you are in a relationship with someone, at some point you will face difficulties, and that is ok. What is important is how you face these challenges together, as a team. The more experience you have in relationships, the more you realize that you need a partner who is always ready to fight alongside you for your love. Someone who has not reached emotional maturity or who does not place as much value on the couple’s partnership will run away at the first serious problem and will leave you with dozens of unanswered questions.

Some of the men of the zodiac are more prone to this reaction, but it is not a rule. According to Yourtango astrologers, you need to take care of your heart if your partner is born under one of these signs:


Men born under the Scorpio sign are passionate and can become obsessed with their partners, but what prevents them from fighting for the reality of love when problems intervene is their huge egos. Scorpios are very suspicious and have great problems trusting the people around them. They are afraid of their partner’s betrayal even when they have no reason. It is difficult for them to open up to someone – sometimes, this does not happen even after years of a relationship. It will be difficult for you to know your partner if he is born under the Scorpio sign. Many of the stories he tells you are defense mechanisms against possible betrayal. When provocations and arguments intervene, Scorpio hurries to run away, to make sure that he is not the one who will suffer the most.


Sagittarian love “burns” fast and bright, right from the start. At the beginning of the relationship, he is so careful with you and makes so many plans for the future, that you believe that he is the Chosen One, without a doubt. But that spark can go out very quickly, and soon he is left with a feeling of regret and boredom.

Sagittarians are always looking for that seductive spark in relationships and, in fact, in everything they do, but forget that life is not always rosy and that’s ok. It is a big challenge for them to navigate the difficult moments in the couple, especially when their partner shows their serious side, suffering, and struggle. Being so independent, it is easier for them to run away than to stay and fight.


Aquarius likes to be in a relationship when he has the impression that he is spending time with his best friend, but he likes to be alone just as much. It is one of the most temperamental zodiac signs, which means that he can be happy and satisfied in his relationship with his partner today, and tomorrow he can think that it is not something he needs in his life.

He tends to give up on a relationship faster than he likes to admit because he thinks all the time whether he would be better off alone – especially when couple problems arise. Commitment to a partner does not come naturally to him.


Gemini is the most indecisive man in the zodiac, known for how unpredictable he is in love. One day he declares his eternal love, and the next he leaves you to attend an interesting workshop or a festival abroad. He never knows exactly how he feels about his partner, so he has no motivation to fight through hard times. He prefers the honeymoon phase, so when problems arise he tends to pack his bags and leave. The only kind of partner who convinces him to stay is the one who doesn’t take things too seriously and turns everything into a challenging game – even solving problems.

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