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Find out what it is that might make those you know shut the door in your face forever.

When dealing with others it is difficult to predict how they may react to actions and words. Most of the time we find ourselves walking on eggs, risking committing a false step even before realizing it. The reasons why someone may decide to withdraw from us are many and they depend on various factors such as character, character compatibility, degree of personality, and personal sensitivity. Obviously, in this cauldron of causes, there are also personal likes and dislikes and particularly sensitive points that can change from person to person and depend on the most varied factors.

Among these, needless to say, there is also the influence that the stars have on the various signs and which can sometimes make a difference. For this reason, after having seen the test of courage that each sign should face and what is the emotion that the various signs find it difficult to express, today we will discover what prompts the various signs of the zodiac to close the door in someone’s face. Since this is a topic that embraces the personal and emotional sphere, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant to have a clearer idea of ​​the situation.

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Astrology – This is what prompts the zodiac signs to close the door in your face

Aries – An action that deeply offended them
Those born under the sign of Aries do not like to feel offended by someone and when this happens, they end up losing patience and attacking the person in front of them. Once this is done, they tend to curl up and maintain a hostile attitude that is often difficult to change. To be able to return to their world it is necessary to allow them time to cool off and, immediately after, find a way to clarify themselves and arrive at a sort of mediation that allows them to make peace with what happened. Without an apology, however, it is difficult for them to change their mind and the risk of keeping their door tightly closed is very high.

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Taurus – The disrespect
The natives of Taurus are people who care a lot about etiquette and when they feel that this is somehow broken they end up taking it quite hard. This pushes them to distance themselves or choose to permanently cut ties, excluding the person guilty of this affront from their life. This is a way of doing things that they implement almost automatically and which is therefore not always under their control. For this reason, even if in some cases they may come to repent, they will rarely come to admit it and all because they are too proud to do so. The only way around it? Try to explain and make them understand that what was said or done was not deliberately against them.

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Gemini – Anger
Those born under the sign of Gemini tend to get angry easily and when it happens they don’t mince words. Thus, it may happen that following a quarrel or a misunderstanding, they end up closing the door in the face of those who caused their bad mood. Fortunately, they are not people capable of holding a grudge for long, and most of the time it is enough to simply wait for the anger to subside to be able to return to their good graces. If not, a comparison can be sought. What matters is to do it at a suitable time, without being ahead of the times and above all without pressing them. In this way, the chances of returning to the former relationship are quite high.

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Cancer – One Word Too Much
Understanding Cancer natives isn’t always easy, especially when they’re touchy. Finding yourself with the door closed in your face when it comes to them is quite simple because they tend to take it for little things, making it a tragedy. Unfortunately, this is a way of doing things that are difficult to change and one has to get used to. To ensure that things always go well, it is therefore essential to always dose the words and avoid attitudes that can hurt them. The alternative is to wait and hope that with time and a few nice words to fix things, their attitude will change for the better.

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Leo – Jealousy
Those born under the sign of Leo live to receive praise from others and to always be the center of attention. Taking away these two aspects is like depriving them of the air. It is therefore easy to understand that if they feel somehow “threatened” by someone their first reaction will be to close the door in their face, avoiding them as much as possible and even trying to put them in a bad light. As it is easy to imagine, to move them, in these cases is jealousy combined with the fear of not being able to compete. An extremely painful thing for them. Unfortunately, when such a mechanism is triggered, it is impossible to change things because the only way would be to allow them to predominate always putting themselves in the background to the point of making them relax on the subject.

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Virgo – Different Opinions
Virgo natives are not people capable of comparing themselves with others. Because of their basic insecurity, they prefer to impose what they think without bothering to listen to the opinion of others. When this is not possible and they find themselves having to confront someone more stubborn than they are, they tend to run away and stop seeing the person who is causing them so many problems. It is a defense mechanism that they put in place almost without thinking about it but that when it happens is difficult to bring back. Much better to try to explain yourself first because for the same reasons as above, finding a dialogue to make him change his mind will be very difficult.

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Libra – The broken trust
Those born under the sign of Libra are precise people who love things to be done right. When they are friends with someone, they expect an equal relationship where the common rules of a quiet life are respected. Among these are also those that relate to trust and their need to know that they can trust others. Failing to do so is for them a cause of bitterness and this leads them to distance themselves. When they find they can’t believe someone or they notice inconsistent ways of doing things, their first choice is therefore to end all kinds of relationships. To change things, therefore, it is important to never disappoint them and always try to keep the promises made. Justifications are not always enough to put things right.

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Scorpio – Betrayal
If there is one thing that the natives of Scorpio can’t stand, it is betrayal. And by betrayal, we mean not only the physical one but also the mental one. If they find that you are talking behind their backs, that you do something without telling them, or that you go against them, there is nothing more to be done. When they close the door it is very unlikely that they will reopen it. With them, therefore, it is important to act first and avoid problems of any kind. Being understand people it is difficult for them to close without a reason. If you sincerely believe that you have not done anything to them, you can then try to explain yourself to them. In this case, some hopes will be disregarded if the sincerity that is so important to them is lacking at the base.

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Sagittarius – The lack of attention
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are often very strict when it comes to social relationships. So it takes very little for him to decide to close the door in someone’s face. They usually do this if they feel they are not getting the right attention. When this happens they take it very heatedly, starting to have hostile attitudes, distancing themselves, and ending up closing the door in their face. Which, when it happens, is difficult to recover because proud as they are they do not always make themselves available for comparison and prefer to remain firm in their positions rather than having to admit that they were wrong. A fact which is always good to keep in mind when dealing with them.

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Capricorn – The absence
Although the natives of Capricorn are the first to be often absent, it can be said that they resent the fact that others have the same attitude towards them. So, when they feel that a person hasn’t shown up for a while, they begin to distance themselves, approaching others and creating a new reality for themselves. When this happens, the door is already more than closed and it is really difficult to be able to bring things back to the way they used to be because in their life there will no longer be the necessary space. A problem that must therefore be faced when it is still in its infancy. Otherwise, the risk is not to understand what happened and to be with one less friend. To prevent this from happening, the only solution is therefore to be heard often even if on their part there will never be the same treatment.

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Aquarius – For the monotony
When those born under the sign of Aquarius clash with people who are not similar, they prefer to end relationships rather than try to find a meeting point. After all, they are people who are fine even on their own and don’t find it helpful to waste time trying to straighten things out. This leads them to close the door in their face without warning and for no apparent reason and when this happens it is difficult for things to change because on their part there is no interest or need to change the decision already made. Much better to get over it and focus on someone with whom to find a greater harmony.

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Pisces – The disappointment
The natives of Pisces are people who are always trying to give more and more chances and it is really difficult for them to close the door in someone’s face. When this happens it means that they have been wounded to the point of reaching such a disappointment that they extinguish the flame of hope that they always keep burning for others. Turning it back on is difficult and for this reason, we should avoid disappointing them. After all, it takes effort to do it. If they end relationships, then, the first thing to do is ask yourself and understand where you went wrong. Apologizing and trying to get back in touch with the risk of making the same mistake is indeed definitely a mistake. Only if you are genuinely aware and sorry for what has been done can you have hope. But, as already mentioned.

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