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3 Zodiacs Whose Home Needs A Spring Cleaning This Weekend (4/20-4/21)


The sun enters your sign on April 20, Taurus. Now is the time to reflect on intentions and either choose to recommit to priorities or release what is no longer serving your highest good. As a fixed earth sign, the physical elements in your environment matter deeply. It’s hard to think clearly when elements of your tangible environment seem chaotic, loose, or messy. Your external world is a representation of your inner world, and it’s important to begin this season anchored in your deepest sense of truth.


Energetic and adventurous Sagittarius, the fire sign in you thrives on transition. As we enter the Taurus season on April 20, we’re reaching the peak of spring, and you may find your energy particularly heightened with days becoming warmer, brighter, and longer. Lean into the intensity of the fire in you by burning through whatever feels stagnant and draining, creating space and opportunity to create and grow anew. Although you may crave spending a lot of time outside the home, you must dedicate time to clearing things up before moving further into the calendar year. The seeds you plant today create the freedom you feel tomorrow.


Gentle and intuitive Pisces, you’re heavily tied to the unconscious domain. Being a mutable water sign, you’re sensitive to the transition of energies and can easily pick up on any changes that are happening in the external world around you. It’s important to create a sense of sanctuary and peace in your home, as this provides a solid foundation from which you can engage in your everyday reality. Doing a monthly deep clean is particularly beneficial to you, and creating a cleaning ritual may be particularly appealing. Grab a glass of wine, throw on your favorite comfy clothes, and use this time as an opportunity to embrace your immensely creative self.

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