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3 Zodiacs Who Will Breathe New Life Into An Old Life Chapter This May

May is officially here, bringing with it several sweeping new changes to almost every facet of one’s daily life. While May traditionally marks a period of change and transformation, some astrological signs seem destined to confront their past this coming month. Far from being a bad thing, however, these confrontations can yield plenty of positive results, allowing these signs to experience exponential growth through their encounters with the past.


You’ve been carrying a great weight on your shoulders since the start of the new year, forging ahead with the tenacity of the sturdy bull that symbolizes your sign. Yet it’s worth remembering that even the mightiest creatures need rest, something that you have the power to usher into your life this coming May. Reflecting on the past several months, you have the ability to finally acknowledge and release those burdensome issues bothering you–whether it’s an unfulfilled romantic relationship or a close friend you feel you’ve outgrown.


In more ways than one, this May will bring you face-to-face with the foremost people you choose to share your life with. With former acquaintances you haven’t seen in years coming out of the woodwork, now is the time to ruminate over what you’re looking for in your attachments. Do you want to venture back on the dating scene in the hopes of meeting someone new, or do you want to reunite with that ex-partner you still hold in fond admiration? If you’re unhappy in your friendship, look to the past–dial up that old acquaintance from high school you haven’t seen since graduation. Sometimes, the people we left behind are those we long for the most, allowing us to rebuild rapport with faces we once believed we’d never see again.


As often as you try to ignore it, you have some long-standing problems you need to face, whether it’s a mounting pile of student loans or a 1,000-page manuscript you gave up on months ago. As someone values their personal life and self-dependence, these tiny problems are eating away at your happiness, distracting you from the things that truly matter. If you spend too much time in the office, learn to prioritize your family and loved ones, realizing it’s okay to relax and unwind at home every so often. If you have a creative project half-finished on your desk, pick it up again with the same hopeful enthusiasm you had when you first started it. You have plenty of energy and aspirations when it comes to an idyllic future: it’s time to get to work making that future a reality.

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