We all have our fears, but some of these things may be far less expected than you think. When it comes to understanding someone else’s fears or even your own, it might be best to look to the stars.

Below, we will look at what completely scares each zodiac sign. While some may seem silly to you, for those born under this sign they make sense. There is so much more to you than you think.


Because you are so stubborn and work-oriented, what terrifies you the most is going unnoticed and not being appreciated. You want to make a difference in this world. You want your name to be known and the idea of ​​that not happening shakes you deeply.


You are someone who seems to be in constant contact. You always work on time and never stop doing things. What scares you the most is the idea of ​​never finding someone who truly loves you.

Even if you don’t ask for much, you are quick to cut ties with those who add nothing. This creates a lot of distress in your being and is wasting a lot of time. Security is very important to you and finding love in your mind will give you the greatest sense of security.


You like to talk and you are a person that most people seem to get along with. That said, what scares you the most is losing yourself. You know who you are in this world, even if it means recognizing your wavering side. You don’t want to give up on things that make you who you are and it always seems like for some reason this world is constantly trying to impose it.


You are a very expressive person, you wear the heart on your sleeve. You like to be loved and you can’t be alone. The only thing that scares you the most is the thought of being alone. Do your best to surround yourself with people but even in the brightest moments, you always wonder if one day these people will disappear.


Like Leo, attention is something you want. You like people who flock to you, being noticed is something you like. You are terrified of being ignored and losing your spark. You want to stay the center of attention forever and if it changes, you won’t be able to handle it.


You are a person who spreads a lot of criticism. You always demolish others, but you can’t stand the same thing being done to you. You are terrified of losing control over others and releasing their true intentions. Even if you think people don’t like you if you really feel it, it will crush you.

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You are indecisive and sometimes quite frustrating, but overall you are a great person. What you fear the most is a little different from the rest. You are terrified of being betrayed. You are investing in the people around you and completely ruining the trust you have created will literally kill you.


You are very reserved and often care more for yourself than you should. You are more terrified of being vulnerable and letting others in. While this may not seem like much, it is something that completely takes you out of your comfort zone. Don’t allow this to happen often.


You are kind of a very light soul. You don’t like being tied up and always moving forward with new people. What terrifies you the most is losing your freedom. You don’t want to let anyone else take control of your life. You might seem rather reckless, but at least it’s not wise by choice.


As a very cautious person, do your best to avoid anything that does what terrifies you the most. While many assume that your greatest fear is related to failure, this is not the case. What terrifies you the most is a success. You aspire to success and want it more than anything else, but you often wonder if it will make you truly happy.


You are someone who likes to have fun and who goes with the flow. You don’t want to change who you are to anyone and you don’t want to talk about your feelings to anyone. What seems most terrifying is the idea of ​​having to open. When you think about it, you feel uncomfortable. You like to keep your distance with emotion.


You are a person of great talent and creativity. Rejection is what terrifies you the most. You know all too well how hard you are working to do the things and work you do with those around you. If you take a step forward or try to get out of your comfort zone, it takes a lot. While you make great efforts, you always have that fear in mind.

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