“You are only worth as much as you allow yourself to be offered”, our grandmas already knew. Unfortunately, these 3 zodiac signs are always satisfied with less

These zodiac signs are (far too often) under-selling


Taurus-born are loved by their friends and colleagues because they are so loyal. In love, however, the Taurus’ loyalty can work to its disadvantage: even if the partner may not deserve it, the Taurus remains loyal to his side and defends him to the point of blood. He usually only realizes at the end when a relationship is toxic and he has (unfortunately) held onto it for far too long.

Tip: If you belong to the species of loyal bulls, please seek advice from your best friends, especially when it comes to potential partners.


For the Libra-born, a relationship is the epitome of life. You live to love and be loved. Quarrels or breakups do not fit into Libra’s romantic image of relationships, because they immediately feel uncomfortable and unbalanced in conflicts. So it’s no wonder that Libras hold on to love at all costs, even when love no longer gives them what it should.

Tip: Do not confuse a good discussion with an argument and gradually learn to express your own opinion in the relationship.


Unfortunately, those born under the Pisces zodiac sign often tend to end up in difficult relationships. Why is that? Pisces often put the needs of others above their own – and are therefore often exploited. They usually already know this feeling from childhood and are therefore later satisfied with less than they deserve in their love life.

Tip: Ask yourself from time to time “What is actually good for me ?”

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