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3 Zodiac Duos That Will End Up In A Toxic Situationship (If They’re Not Careful)

While situations are annoying in general due to their lack of boundaries and definition, certain pairings are more likely to turn toxic than others. Here are three zodiac duos that are most likely to end up in a toxic situation together.

Capricorn + Pisces

If you give a Capricorn a Pisces, they’re going to want them to chill the hell out. And if you give a Pisces a Capricorn, they’re going to want them to open up. Hence the toxic situation. This is because Capricorn tends to struggle with vulnerability and feeling their feelings, while endlessly emotional Pisces will experience enough emotions for both of them. It would be a constant tug of war between these two signs if they were ever to become involved in a situation. Pisces will always want more than Capricorn can give in such a casual arrangement.

Gemini + Scorpio

What do you get when you pair a flirty Gemini with a jealous Scorpio? Nothing good! A Gemini is curious and intellectual and loves to converse with others. Gemini is also naturally flirty with pretty much everyone. It’s just part of their charm! Scorpio, on the other hand, is deeply intuitive and also highly suspicious. As a result, Scorpio sometimes has trouble discerning when their instincts are right (or if they’re just being paranoid). If these two zodiac signs find themselves in a situation, know that it will turn toxic immediately. Gemini will feel misunderstood the entire time while Scorpio will feel betrayed and on the verge of breaking down. Scorpio will feel extra vulnerable as well since they technically aren’t official with Gemini (but they will still consider them to be theirs).

Sagittarius + Cancer

Commitment-phobe Sagittarius and sentimental but incredibly private Cancer are a zodiac pairing that is destined for situations in hell. Throw in the ambiguity of a situationship into the mix and just know that someone is getting their heart broken, and that person is most likely Cancer. This is because Cancer takes a long time to open up, especially romantically. But for Cancer, sometimes a situation can feel like a safer bet because they can take their time falling. However, Cancer still will treat a situation as something that will become something real eventually. Sagittarius unfortunately will not. They love to go with the flow which makes a situationship perfect for them. And because Cancer won’t reveal their feelings right away, this situation could end up lasting months and months. When Cancer finally tells Sagittarius how they feel, Sagittarius will be deeply confused and it will end a lot of pain for both parties. After all, just because Sagittarius didn’t want something serious doesn’t mean they didn’t care about Cancer.

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