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Are you also part of the ranking of the most “inflated balloon” signs of the zodiac? Let’s find out together: here is today’s ranking!

Don’t make that face, we all know that with the word ” balloon  you immediately thought of someone you know!
Maybe it‘s your boss or your friend who tries, every time, to tell you truly incredible stories about your life.

An inflated balloon is a difficult person to deal with: that’s why, today, we decided to draw up the ranking of the zodiac signs that are… well, you understand. Inflated balloons! Let’s find out together who is ranked in the top five positions (hoping not to find your zodiac sign!).

The most “inflated balloons” signs of the zodiac: here is the ranking of today’s horoscope

Ok, okay: maybe an inflated balloon is not a puffer fish but we can say that it comes a little closer, don’t you think? After all, in fact, inflated balloons are people who “ fill up ” with air ( fried, we could say) as soon as they feel the need.

If for puffers the need to inflate derives from the possibility of being eaten, for inflated balls, it is obviously a completely different story. An inflated balloon is not (only) an arrogant or rude person: it is someone who prides himself so much on his qualities that he cannot help but brag about it in a decidedly exaggerated way!

These people are downright uninteresting to hang out with, but sometimes we don’t realize what kind of inflated balloons they are until it’s too late! Fortunately, the horoscope comes to our rescue: let’s discover the ranking of the five most ” inflated balloons ” signs, and … let’s learn how to manage them!

Libra: fifth place

Well yes, dear ones born under the sign of Libra, you should certainly have expected it. You are right in the ranking of ” inflated balls “! You are people who work hard, this is true but who do not even bend when they can boast of merits that … they do not have!

As soon as you reach a result, of any kind, you end up becoming very humble and almost ridiculous. You would like everyone to praise you and you often end up making a really barbing figure: “deflate  a little!

Aries: fourth place

Those born under the sign of Aries can be real inflated balloons when they want, especially because they often do not realize their way of doing. This is a sign that he generally spends a lot of time in insecuritydoubting his abilities.

When successes or even simple rewards begin to arrive, Aries quickly transforms into a completely different person. Here he is boasting of all the merits of him, with his chest swollen with pride (even too much) and with a way of doing that annoys people. In short: better keep your eyes open when talking to Aries!

Capricorn: third place

Capricorn also wins a place in our ranking. We are sorry to tell you, dear Capricorns, but it is the truth: you are real balloons inflated when you want! Capricorn
, in fact, is a sign that it is hard not to be proud of himself and his work!

Capricorn, in fact, is a sign that works a lot and spends a lot and that, often, has reason to be proud of the goals achieved.
What he ” sins ” a little about, however, is the way he approaches others. Capricorn can often be haughty and arrogant and… yes, we get it. A real inflated balloon!

Virgo: second place

Is there anyone who is more inflated than those born under the sign of Virgo? The answer is yes since they are “only” in second place in our ranking!
Those born under the sign of Virgo, in fact, are people who are truly full of themselves … almost to the point of bursting!

This sign has a boundless estimate of their abilities and not a day or even a few hours goes by without me telling you about their successes.
Virgo usually has a very decisive, precise personality that tends strongly to success: his pride in her often leads him to be one of the most “inflated balloons” signs in the whole zodiac!
Talking with them about work or any other occasion in which the Virgin has distinguished itself is equivalent to dealing with a real commercial.

Gemini: first place in the ranking of the most “inflated balloon” signs of the zodiac

Is there anyone who is more of a balloon than someone born under the sign of Gemini? Dear Gemini, we are sorry to tell you but the answer is only one: no!
Even if you do not represent the classic type of inflated balloon (and thanks to this, therefore, you often get away with it), you are the real prototype!

Those born under the sign of Gemini, in fact, are decidedly artistic and imaginative people who have great skills.
It is a pity, however, that they practically always get involved, changing activities, ideas, and ways of doing things every five minutes.
This would not be a problem if the consequences of their actions always fell on them: instead, Gemini never pay the price for what they do and end up putting the responsibility on others.

Not happy with this, however, Gemini also boasts of their life and their choices, of their being free spirits, and also of everything they have achieved.
Too bad that, often, it is the result of the patience and work of others who have put together and collected the ” shards ” broken by the Gemini.
In short: is it not the case to look at yourself well in the mirror?

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