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3 Signs That Will Experience Disappointment At The New Moon On December 25, 2023

This new moon may not save your relationship or inspire you to repair it, but it will give you the idea that your relationship is indeed falling apart.

This is a good thing. Because it expands the mind and allows us to see possibilities for the future.

If we are suffering from a failed relationship, this new moon makes us feel like there is hope for a happier life. 

You have to take this chance and follow your heart, even if your heart is telling you to end a long-term relationship.

Here are the 3 zodiac signs whose relationship will break at the new moon on December 15, 2023:


You often sabotage your relationships by making a big deal out of everything and quickly go from zero to one hundred.

When your feelings are hurt, you use words that can go straight to the heart. Your comments can be truly malicious, and it often comes as a surprise to others.

It often takes Capricorns years to get over such hurts, and there are things they may never get over.

The pain remains, and they remember it at every opportunity. You have experienced profound hurt, and now you see the other person ending up in a debtor’s prison.

This dynamic is also reflected in your current relationship.

Because of your sensitivity to lunar transits, this new moon will reveal a truth that you cannot ignore.

There is no question that your relationship is falling apart. The irony? You already had this knowledge, but there is something about this point in time that makes the message particularly powerful.

Is the relationship about to be tempted again, or is it time to say goodbye to this love that is now just a dim memory of unfulfilled desires?

Bitterness runs through this situation, and if you’re not careful, it can really weigh on you.

The new moon promises freedom and independence, and although you are drawn to this idea, fear prevents you from allowing it into your life.

Maybe this is the week you find the courage to allow change and experience a feeling of freedom again.

The many challenges and tensions that are currently shaping your life are hindering you from pursuing your goals.

You may feel blocked. This can lead to conflict and arguments with others, so be extremely careful not to use hurtful words that will be difficult to take back.

Keep your nerves in check, think before speaking, but also allow yourself to feel your emotions. This is the only way you can pave the way to your happiness


You place so much value on relationships that they become an overwhelming commitment that puts people off.

The love of being in love makes you want to commit immediately after a date. In reality, you’re so hungry for attention that you can’t resist flirting with people.

The need to always come first is too demanding for most people and ultimately causes their relationships to break down.

If you have the zodiac sign of Pisces, you may be at the point where you and your partner are just arguing with each other.

You take on the role of the snarky one while he acts sarcastic. Your communication is blocked and you watch your relationship completely fall apart.

However, you are firmly convinced that the blame lies not with you, but with your partner alone.

You find it difficult to take responsibility, and when the new moon hovers over you, the question arises as to whether you don’t also have a share in the situation.

This is a wake-up call. If you can admit that you are part of the problem, there is a chance that you can also be part of the solution.

Your love life is at stake, so don’t just throw it away. You have the option to save it and rebuild it if you wish


You are invaluable and deserve the utmost respect. Still, you tend to trust your partner to meet all of your needs.

There may be uncertainty about whether your relationship was ever what you wanted, but you took the usual route and tried to persevere.

Give yourself a break and then face the reality: Your relationship is falling apart. You are aware of this, your partner is aware of it, and even your friends are aware of it.

Do you still stick together? Yes. Why? Because the fear of the unknown is too strong.

The fear of loneliness is holding you back, but the new moon seems to indicate that it’s time to choose independence.

Still, you resist it. Although you may feel the inspiration of this transition, you do nothing about it because the fear of change outweighs your need for happiness in the relationship.

On this day, some revelations and conflicts with your partner may shock and deeply disappoint you.

You might even consider pulling the ripcord. Be careful about what you say and do so as not to make the situation worse. Keep calm, speak quietly, and try to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible

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