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3 Signs Of The Zodiac Will Be Sought After By Their Ex, But Only For Friendship

Dealing with a love breakup is never easy, especially if the relationship we had established was something unique and special, but do you know what are those signs your ex will be looking for to continue having a relationship of friendship and complicity? Well, let’s go in order and try to find out a little more.


It is a sign that one must necessarily expect the sudden appearance of one’s ex, at any moment, even after months and years. And according to the stars, Gemini is very good at reconnecting healthily and naturally, and he will be able, in no time at all, to become a perfect friend of that person. He knows well that the past cannot be forgotten so suddenly, that’s why he lives everything on the wave of benevolent and genuine romanticism.


Cancer belongs to that list of people who like to see their exes again, even when the old relationship ended in a grumpy and unhealthy way. He knows that the relationship he lived with the other was important, but he is also aware that time can heal any wound in his eyes and beyond.

It will then be up to him to decide what to do, whether perhaps to return with his old flame or whether instead to arrive, as happens most of the time, at a beautiful friendship.


This is a sign that is always looked for and sought after by one’s ex and that knows how to play according to its own rules and that knows how to share with those who establish great complicity. It is perfect for experiencing love again, fleeting summer nights, and then retracing one’s steps, under the sign of the wound healed with one’s ex.

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