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The completely transparent zodiac signs sometimes would like to keep a secret. There is only one small problem: they just can’t do it!

There are people to whom you absolutely cannot confide your secrets.
They are gossipers, malicious, always ready to exchange one information for another: well, you will be glad to know that our horoscope  ranking today is not about people like that. As much as this is a relief, however, we are sorry to tell you that the signs that are in today’s ranking, even if unwittingly, end up having the same effect as the others. Here because!

The completely transparent zodiac signs: are you in the ranking today?

You will surely have met someone to whom you can never, for any reason in the world, confide your secret .

It is not about wickedness or malice .
The completely transparent zodiac signs simply can’t keep absolutely anything to themselves! They don’t just do it with your secrets; they can’t even keep the slightest information about them hidden!

That is why we are sure that the signs found in this ranking will be the first to report themselves . ” Yes, I was just telling all these secrets around !”.
Let’s find out who it is together.

Leo: fifth place

We already know that those born under the sign of Leo are already giggling under their whiskers. “ We managed to deceive them, they think we are really transparent !”.

The reality, dear Leos , is that you are transparent with your ways, with your body language and, ultimately, with your words too. Leos
are very easy to read, almost like an open book. Their problem is that they are so convinced that they are mysterious Dear Leo but who do you want to fool? We can see through it without any problems!

Sagittarius: fourth place

We are sure that there will be people who, reading that Sagittarius are among the most transparent zodiac signs of the horoscope, will be literally horrified.
But how, the Sagittarius ? The independent, taciturn Sagittarius ?

Just them: Sagittarius are not people who reveal anything for themselves but you can really ask them anything, even the most thorny, and you can be sure that they will answer you with the truth. Seeing is believing: Sagittarius are truly transparent!

Cancer: third place

Those born under the sign of Cancer are a strange mix, as you may have understood by now.

Cancers , in fact , tend to ask everyone to share their confidences and, in doing so, they collect the same.
Talking to Cancers is extremely easy: it is a pity that we talk about everything!

Aquarius: second place

Well yes, dear Aquarius , you are absolutely in the ranking of people who just can’t hide a secret!
You are as transparent as clear water and that should do you honor… sometimes.

Accustomed as you are to doing good and bad times in the life of each of the people you know, you Aquarius do not often realize the impact of your words.
You know everything, you know everything and what you don’t know you can imagine it without problems.
Here, then, that whenever your transparency also discloses the secrets of others that the people around you do not really know how to react.
Yes, dear Aquarius , it would be better if you could pay a little more attention to what you tell around!

Virgo: first place in the ranking of the most transparent zodiac signs of the horoscope

If you want to hear the truth, go immediately to one of those born under the sign of Virgo .
Virgo , in fact, is absolutely one of the most transparent zodiac signs (indeed it is  the most transparent zodiac sign of the horoscope).

The reason is simple: Virgo is literally not afraid of anything, anything or anyone.
For those born under this sign, in fact, it is very easy to be transparent . There is nothing they are ashamed of or afraid of and everything they do seems right and sacrosanct to them .
The secrets of others, then, for the Virgin are absolutely not interesting. It is simply information that Virgo reveals not because she wants it but simply because she doesn’t think it’s worth keeping it hidden!

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