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2 Zodiacs Whose Green Hearts Will Flourish With Abundance This Earth Day (4/22)

Earth Day is coming up on April 22, and it’s the perfect day to connect with the natural world around you. It’s the day when everyone focuses on protecting the environment in ways large and small, including what we can do ourselves to make sure that the earth stays happy and healthy. While everyone should be celebrating Earth Day–especially since the quality of the environment affects us all–two zodiac signs are especially connected to this auspicious day.

Some zodiac signs are more connected to the natural world around them than others. They feel the energy in the trees and the rivers and the little animals that call these environments their home. When the earth is thriving, so are they. Because of that, these two zodiac signs will flourish this Earth Day. Are you on the list?


You don’t just appreciate nature from afar–you want to be in it. Your adventurous Sagittarius energy means you prefer to appreciate the earth while in hiking gear or floating in the river. You want to touch it, smell it, and connect with it directly. This appreciation for the natural world means any time it’s threatened, you’re one of the first to take up the fight and be its protector.

This Earth Day, your green heart will flourish with abundance if you get outside and soak up the sun. Stop to smell the flowers, distribute wildflower seeds, and pick up any trash you find along the way. The more you connect with the outside world on this important day, the better your Earth’s karma. Spread the love.


You care so much about causes, especially when they affect large swathes of people. Few things affect everyone as a whole more than the state of the environment. With climate change, an increase in pollution, and the destruction of rainforests and other natural habitats, just the thought of these Earth-changing problems makes your blood boil.

This Earth Day, your green heart will flourish with abundance if you do something to help the cause at the heart of this special day. Not only would donating help, but you’d feel even better if you got out there and helped directly. Look for events in your area that you can join. The more you do concrete things to help the environment, the better your Earth karma.

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