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Let’s discover the lucky stone combined with each zodiac sign.

The stones contain a primordial power given by the centuries that characterize their existence on our planet. For this reason, they are identified by many cultures both as real good luck and as valid aids to achieve and maintain the well-being of each person. In fact, there have always been stones that can help relaxation, instill energy and protect. Obviously, being linked to the planet earth and emanating energy, the stars there are those more or less suitable for each zodiac sign.
Today, we will discover which is our stone brings good luck according to the horoscope. Attention, however, since it is energy, in this case, the ascendant also has its importance. If you know yours, therefore, also check its corresponding stone and choose the one that you feel most similar among the proposals. Beyond what the stars indicate, in fact, it is always good to learn to listen to yourself and follow your perceptions. Finally, always remember that the crystals must first be purified. Just pass them under running water and charge them in the sun or moonlight (alternatively you can also use salt) and they will be ready to become your best life companions.

Aries – Ruby
Your zodiac sign is perfectly matched by stones with a color ranging from red to purple. Despite your innate grit, the right stone for you seems to be the ruby, capable of giving you more vigor and making you even more energetic, even on days when you feel drained or strangely unmotivated. Another stone that may be right for you is red coral.

Taurus – The Emerald
Your sign draws better energy from green colored stones such as green tourmaline and jade of the same color. However, the emerald fits perfectly with your temperament, indicated to support you during the challenges you usually face and to always keep you energetic and ready to embark on new adventures.

Gemini – Agate
Your color is yellow and for this reason the most suitable stones are topaz, citrine and agate. While citrine manages to appease your sense of dissatisfaction given by things that you believe to be too repetitive, agate gives you a whole new energy, aimed at change and perfectly in tune with your never static nature but always looking for new ones. emotions.

Cancer – The moonstone
Did you know that there is a stone with this name? It is very beautiful, almost opalescent and is practically perfect for a romantic soul like yours. The moonstone amplifies your femininity and lends itself to accompany you very well throughout your life. However, it should be accompanied by a pearl to keep close to obtain that balance that is often difficult to achieve, especially in times of crisis.

Leo – The diamond
It hardly needs to be said but for a sign born to be a leader, the most suitable stone can only be the diamond, excellent for increasing your innate energy and relieving tension. With this exception, the other stones compatible with you are yellow in color and among these the amber stands out, able, if needed, to increase self-confidence and determination.

Virgo – Agate
Your sign is combined with various stones such as kunzite to combat insecurities or sapphire to help you express positive feelings such as love. Your being always precise, however, leads you to break down easily in front of the constant inaccuracies of others. And it is in this case that agate shows itself to be your perfect stone, able to give you energy and recharge your motivation to move forward.

Libra – Lapis Lazuli
Just like those born under the sign of Virgo, you too are predisposed to different stones. Among these, however, the one that suits you best is lapis lazuli which is able to increase your inner vision and allow you to come into assonance with your real feelings. Opal, on the other hand, is an excellent stone for energy that sometimes, in adverse circumstances, tends to withdraw and leave you with a constant sense of emptiness.

Scorpio – Rhodochrosite
In reality, yours is such a complex sign that it needs more stones depending on the type of need. Generally, the ones that act best on you are red and undoubtedly the ruby ​​that can give you energy stands out. Your need for love, however, leads you to benefit in particular from rhodochrosite, which is able to help you to expand first of all the love towards yourself and conveying that for others in the best possible way. A real stone dedicated to feelings.

Sagittarius – Azurite
The right stone for you must be blue in color and among these which is better than azurite which bears this color even in its name? Its influence helps you make difficult decisions more easily, developing intuition and self-confidence.

Capricorn – Onyx
Your stone is onyx, perfect for restoring your balance when you feel like you have lost your way. Something that often happens to you and that risks holding back your innate ability to throw yourself between events and to live every experience to the end.

Aquarius – Aquamarine
This stone is very useful to support you in case of problems. Your need for freedom often leads you to escape from heavy situations, something that in the long run can be a problem and that according to the stars you will be able to manage better thanks to the help of the aquamarine.

Pisces – Amethyst
Amethyst is one of the protective stones of your sign. His influence helps to increase your life energy, to make you stronger and able to handle situations that you find difficult. Furthermore, the amethyst is considered the stone capable of developing and increasing the dream activity. Practically perfect for someone like you who believes in dreams to the point of living them even with open eyes, right?

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