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15 Zodiac Sign Combos That Shouldn’t Move In Together

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Of course, you want to know your chances of getting along with someone, and a great way to do that is comparing and contrasting astrological signs. Of course, there are a lot of factors involved and there is no cut and dry way to explain someone by their sun sign alone. But there are certain characteristics that seem to come through pretty strongly from the signs and understanding what those are can seriously help you understand other people. Some signs just don’t see eye to eye no matter what because they just communicate differently, while other signs are like perfectly meshed halves that make a stronger whole. You can usually make things work with people in the short term if you have to, but when you don’t have to sometimes it’s better to know that you’re unlikely to be happy with them in the long run. Looking at zodiac combinations can be helpful when you’re figuring out who to date, partner with at work… and even live with. Here are 15 zodiac combinations that just shouldn’t move in together.

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15. Taurus And Sagittarius

The Taurus and Sagittarius generally shouldn’t move in together because they don’t really have that much in common, and they also don’t feel like compromising with one another. Taurus women tend to be strong, independent, and loyal, and they want that in a guy as well. But the Sagittarius tends to be cautious where the Taurus is adventurous, so their options about decorating and style are likely to be a mismatch. The Taurus tends to love earthy colored items that compliment their own earthy characteristics and really care about the home. The Sagittarius, on the other hand, is more likely to be comfortable being on the move and traveling, so they’re not exactly on the same page. As a couple, these two signs find their stronger point in the bedroom, but even so, it might not be enough to make it work. The Sag doesn’t like to commit too quickly, while the Taurus can find commitment extremely important.

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14. Gemini And Pisces

The Gemini and Pisces tend to have a lot of miscommunications… which is not something that you want when you’re living under the same roof as someone. The Gemini is not the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, where the Pisces, on the other hand, can be super sensitive. The Gemini likes to keep things fun and lighthearted, while the Pisces likes to take things deep in their relationships which can come off as a little overly serious for the Gemini. This can cause the Gemini to feel smothered and then pull back from the Pisces, which in turn makes the Pisces feel even more needy. This circular action can really exhaust the Pisces who needs quiet time to recharge, while the Gemini doesn’t usually want to slow down for any reason. The Gemini and Pisces get along and find harmony some of the time, but they spend an equal amount of time frustrated with one another, so it really comes down to how much everyone is willing to put up with or not.

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13. Cancer And Aquarius

The cancer people take their home base very seriously since they both love to hangout there alone and also host and take care of other people in their space. They like the process of creating a comfortable and secure home, as opposed to being super showy with their space. Don’t get me wrong they love the nice stuff, but liveable comfort is key. The Aquarius, on the other hand, might be more likely to push the decorating boundaries into a territory that Cancer doesn’t love. Cancers really value security and peace in their relationships, and the variety that Aquarius craves might come off as drama and chaos to the Cancer. Not exactly the most serene environment. The problem is that when cancer feels uncomfortable they are more likely to feel insecure, which can lead to them needing even more security and validation which is the last thing that the Aquarius feels like dealing with when they want to run around being social.

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12. Virgo And Sagittarius

The Virgo and Sagittarius usually aren’t on the same page at all. The Sagittarius tends to be whimsical and carefree which the Virgo doesn’t find super appealing. Sometimes they find it downright offensive and sometimes they just see it as immature, but either way, it’s not the most appealing to them. Virgos tend to be a little more cautious and reserved and like to be productive, while the Sagittarius is more carefree. To a Virgo, this can come off as reckless or irresponsible, and this can cause some chaos in the home. The Virgo likes everything to be organized (and on schedule), but the Sagittarius doesn’t understand why they’re so strict about keeping things clean and tidy and wish they would just relax some of the time. They won’t though, they really like order and they are very particular about what they put in their space, bordering on preferring minimal homes. Both of these signs are pretty independent and don’t rush into commitments, but once they’re in one the Sag might find the stable Virgo a little boring.

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11. Libra And Cancer

The Libra and Cancer can work things out when it comes to shacking up together if they are truly in love, but if either has any tiny bit of doubt then they are unlikely to make it very long living under the same roof. The Cancer is the homemaker while the Libra is the idealist, and this can put them on very different pages. These signs tend to have pretty different opinions about how to approach all things in life, such as money, careers, friendships, goals, politics, etc. The Libra operates from a purely intellectual place, and while the Cancer might be just as smart the Cancer is going to be operating from a more heart-centered emotional place. As we all know, the head and the heart don’t always see eye to eye. The Cancer is a water sign and used to flowing with the tides of the moon and having extreme emotions, but the Libra is not familiar with this at all and they might even find it alarming. Both of these signs are cardinal signs, which also means that there might be some power struggles between them.

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10. Scorpio And Gemini

The Scorpio and Gemini don’t communicate all too well. They can have a lot of chemistry and tend to pair up pretty frequently, but the match is not without its challenges. The Scorpio can be secretive and is also very intuitive, so they aren’t likely to find Gemini charming if they are flirting around or lying about anything. Scorpios love their privacy and need downtime to be able to recharge, so the Gemini has to be willing to give them their space when they are living together. The Gemini, on the other hand, does not require the same amount of alone time and can find it hard to understand why the Scorpio doesn’t want to keep up with their social schedule. Initially, the Gemini might seem really deep to the Scorpio, but then down the line, it might actually be the lack of depth that the Scorpio can’t handle about the Gemini. The Scorpio is likely to find the Gemini superficial and not on the same emotional depth.

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9. Capricorn And Leo

The Capricorn and Leo pairing either works out great or not at all. Traditionally, they’re  not supposed to get along all that great, but on the other hand they are both so stubborn that sometimes they refuse to give up and just power through a living situation regardless of how it’s going. Naturally this will vary pairing to pairing on whether that makes them happy or not at all. The two are basically opposites. The Capricorn tends to be down to earth, good at planning, and spends a lot of time analyzing. Since they are so practical they tend to be pretty reserved about things like organization and taking care of the home…like they want it done right the first time. The Capricorn is patient about small tasks, while the Leo wants to go be spontaneous and not think about that stuff too much. The Capricorn can also be somewhat pessimistic where the Leo is generally an optimist, so sometimes when they get into discussions about how to split up the chores their moods don’t exactly match up on the topic.

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8. Aquarius And Scorpio

The Aquarius and the Scorpio don’t communicate that well. The Aquarians love their freedom, while the Scorpio can get a little possessive and controlling about wanting to know where the Aquarius is. Imagine the Aquarius skipping on the bill paying and the Scorpio at home seething over their mysterious whereabouts. But weirdly, both of these signs have their rebellious side, and they can actually bring it out of each other. This doesn’t work that well in a living situation since they can hype each other up and start to ignore their responsibilities, which they then in turn totally might blame on each other. Both of these signs are stubborn, and when they get into disagreements they can hear completely different versions of the same thing being said. They each think they’re speaking their mind, but the other is likely to hear just what they want to hear and nothing else. As more time passes, though, they might start to understand each other a little better.

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7. Pisces And Libra

The Pisces and Libra pairing can actually work out in the sense that they’re both romantic and whimsical, but the problem comes when each person wants to escape and not really be a part of the real world. When they move in together they might think it’s super fun and have all kinds of ideas about why it is going to be the best time ever, but what can actually happen is that they lose sight of reality and end up in some sort of fantasy world. That’s fine until the real world comes calling and they don’t want to come out. This fantasy world can even lead to the masking of real problems, which they can both then go into denial about. When life gets stressful as it tends to do, these two stop feeling like they’re on the same page in their fantasy land. The Libra likes to rationalize and talk things out, while the Pisces can get overwhelmed by emotions and end up totally withdrawing from people and situations. The Libra just doesn’t have that kind of emotional support to give the Pisces.

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6. Aries And Cancer

When Aries and Cancer live together, it doesn’t always work out all that well. The Aries suffers from always thinking that they are right no matter what the evidence at hand suggests, and they are likely to leave their stuff laying out no matter how many times the Cancer tries to ask that they put it away. The unpredictable and sometimes irresponsible nature of the Aries can confuse the Cancer, and their emotional response can set off the Aries. Cancers are capable of holding grudges for awhile, and the Aries are reactive when they feel like they are being criticized, so if these two are not properly communicating they can be in for a whole lot of trouble brewing underneath the surface. The Aries doesn’t like to be tied down, but the Cancer is probably going to be afraid that they’re going to be abandoned, so the Cancer might need a little reassurance that the Aries is going to stick around. These two can end up being a great team if they are willing to compromise, but if not they’ll go insane.

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5. Aquarius And Taurus

Taurus can have some pretty rigid ways of thinking, and the Aquarius definitely won’t like this at all. In fact, they can both be pretty stubborn, so when they don’t see eye to eye on some serious things they are likely to not understand each other at all. These two are unlikely to get into a romantic situation because they usually don’t have the chemistry necessary to get past all of their differences. The Taurus likes stability in their life, and the Aquarius likes to try new things all the time and can even be a little rebellious. The Taurus is likely to see this as chaotic, and they don’t really want their home to be full of a chaotic energy, they prefer a more solid and grounded vibe. These two might end up getting really irritated at each other because it feels like they always want each other to be different. The only way these two can mesh living together is if they adopt a serious sense of humor about how different the other one is than them and just accept it.

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4. Capricorn And Aries

The Capricorn and Aries just have really different goals and styles in life. The Aries makes quick spontaneous decisions that can sometimes seem irresponsible, while the Capricorn relishes security, structure, and stability. This will make the Aries impatient. Both of these signs are very ambitious and care a lot about their career, but they have some different ideas about money which is likely to come up in a living situation. The Capricorn likes to save money and make sure that they are covered in case some sort of emergency situation comes up, while the Aries on the other hand is likely to spend money as soon as it comes in. Or before. Yikes. The Aries can act quickly on something and then discard it if it doesn’t immediately work, while the Capricorn likes the slow and steady progress of focusing on a single task. You can imagine that when it comes to putting together the Ikea furniture Aries will be dancing out the door plugging their ears while the Capricorn will be in heaven… except for the fact that Aries is not on their page.

3. Gemini And Virgo

The Gemini and Virgo are not super compatible when it comes to living together because they have a weird middle ground between sort of similar in certain ways but also not really understanding each other. They are both mutable signs, which means that they can both be flexible and adapt to new circumstances as they arise, but neither of them is more likely than the other to step up and be a leader in such situations. In a living situation, this can mean that they know something needs to get done but they might have to spend some time talking about it before they figure out how. They are pretty good at communicating, however, which a good thing, but it just might be a lot more communication than is actually necessary to get stuff done. It’s also possible for this to turn into a situation where the wise and cautious Virgo healer is the parent and the unpredictable zany Gemini is the child, which can get exhausting and a weird balance for both of them.

2. Scorpio And Leo

Scorpio and Leo are quite compatible in the intimate department, but when it comes to communicating, these two are pretty likely to take things in an explosive direction. Both of these signs are super stubborn, like to be in control, and can be pretty dramatic. They might not admit it but both of them can actually enjoy an argument from time to time, which just steps up the drama even more. The Leo likes to be the center of attention and needs to have their ego stroked, while the Scorpio gets so irritated by this that they can actually purposefully withhold the good words Leo so wants to hear. Scorpio can also be controlling over their people and their space, so Leo’s antics can drive them insane. But at the same time, the one thing that these two signs share is passion and there won’t be any confusion about how they feel about each other. It’s obvious when they either like each other or they do not. So if they’re willing to forgo a calm experience, then living together can actually work sometimes.

1. Gemini And Sagittarius

Gemini and Sagittarius can match up well on a physical level, but these two have some very different ideas about how the world works which can cause some misunderstandings when they live together. The Gemini pays attention to details, while the Sagittarius is more likely to think in more broad terms and is very opinionated. When the Sagittarius borders on being blunt and extremely direct it can come off as a little irritating to some Geminis. The Sagittarius might even get annoyed that the Gemini doesn’t defend their ideas more because they actually enjoy a debate. This can make the Gemini feel like they are under attack. Both of these signs are likely to get bored with people if there isn’t some major substance there, and living together can bring this to the surface rather quickly. For these two moving too fast and living together under the same roof can make them both wonder what the heck they got into and whether they should have gotten to know each other better first.

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