Do you feel a pleasant tingling sensation in your stomach for no apparent reason? Then it could be the proverbial butterflies that lovers generally rave about. But there are other signs that Cupid’s arrow hit you. You can find out what these are in the following article.

1. You are constantly thinking about one

In your thoughts, the loved one is present everywhere. You are already sitting at the breakfast table with him / her. You don’t care what your parents tell each other. You go to school and go shopping with her. You develop loving dialogues that you would have with her / him.

2. You are not telling your buddy / your best friend about anything other than her / him

There is no other topic for you than your loved one. Your buddy / best friend has to listen to monologues of yours for hours. It’s about how great you find your loved one, what details you snapped about them. Your conversation partners hardly have a say.

3. You are always in a good mood

Bad news or bad weather can’t shake you. You keep a constant grin around with you.

4. The food is irrelevant

Food seems to you just as unimportant as your figure. You do it on the side or forget it completely.

5. Your past hobbies seem uninteresting

You used to like to read, watch films or meet friends at a party? All of this is currently of no interest. Unless she / he is also invited to the celebration.

6. You fall asleep late and wake up early in the morning

Since you are in love, you need little sleep. This is because the excess hormone strongly excites your nerve costume.

7. Your heart is pounding when you see him / her

When you see him / her, your heart is pounding. This is typical for lovers. If she / he looks at you, you may turn red.

8. You take every opportunity to see him / her

You take detours to meet him / her and hope at a glance from him / her. You secretly spy on him / her to get to know her / his daily routine. Then you can plan further seemingly random encounters.

9. You can hardly concentrate on everyday tasks

You want to study for the exams, focus on everyday work. But it doesn’t work. You think of him / her. Although you realize that your lack of concentration can have consequences, you cannot turn it off.

10. You suddenly love love songs

Did you find love songs and beautiful poems kitschy so far? Now you like them. It is not incomprehensible. You can put yourself so well in the respective protagonists. The more dramatic a song or a verse is, the more they go to your heart.

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