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10 Bad Traits Of Gemini Zodiac Sign

Gemini Bad Traits / Gemini Negative Traits

Here are the 10 bad traits of a Gemini zodiac sign.

1. Lack of consistency:

Ask a Gemini to hold on a project for too long and work on it, you may find it was a wrong person to hand the project because they are not at all going to stick to anything for long. For them losing interest at things are very common. Now it may seem like they are very interested in this project the other while they may turn off their head from it. It is known as a very bad trait of Gemini.

2. Flirty:

It may be weird to see that Gemini in this category but one cannot deny the fact that Gemini cannot stick to one particular person unless they find someone they are searching for from within.

3. Superficial:

Geminis are shallow in nature when it comes to knowledge, they love to seek everything but just from outer without going deep in it. They are not people who love intense knowledge or deep conversation on a topic. Geminis want everything to be superficial in nature. It is considered to be a bad trait of Gemini.

4. Lack of decision making:

They are the people who always seek for suggestions and help when it comes to decision making, be it in their professional life or even personal. It is very hard for them to come to a concrete decision and stick to it.

5. Confused:

A Gemini is always confused and they waste their time trying to solve that confusion and end up creating more confusion. They will even confuse people around them by asking questions to solve their confusion and this process puts everyone into confusion. It is very difficult to deal with a Gemini in this matter, they end up wasting everyone’s time around them.

6. Anxiety:

No doubt everyone suffers from anxiety from time to time but for a Gemini, it is more than any other zodiac sign. It becomes a major problem for them and since they are not emotional people they will not show this trait quite often. They are full of energy and that energy when not balanced makes a Gemini suffer from anxiety. Because of this stress holds them quicker than anything.

7. Two-Face:

This trait of Gemini results in separating people from them. They tend to have many personalities making difficult to cope with them. Today they may be very happy and may treat you well, tomorrow they may show you a different personality of theirs completely, confusing you which one to believe and accept.

8. Manipulative:

Since they are soft and sweet spoken people, manipulating a person with their talks is very easy. They can be very manipulative at times and they are not afraid to lie to an extent just to manipulate a person. It is one of the darkest traits of a Gemini, all zodiac signs are capable enough to manipulate at times but Gemini is the master of it.

9. Can’t be alone:

Gemini loves to socialize, they want to be surrounded by people and people but if they found themselves being lonely it is like the saddest moment for them. Leaving them alone means it is a way of torturing them. It often stops them to proceed in life as walking alone is not Gemini’s cup of tea.

10. Backstabbing:

They can be sweet to you like anything and may Impress you by their words but hold on, this won’t impress you anymore, if you get to know that Gemini is the one who will be sweet to you on your face and will compliment you but once you turn your back they will talk I’ll about you. They can speak a lot of the worst things about you on your back. It is considered to be one of the very bad traits of a Gemini. So be aware of a Gemini in this matter, don’t get trapped in their sweetest talks.

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