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Zodiac: The Signs That Tend To Sabotage Relationships In 2022

Astrology can serve as a tool to get to know yourself and people better. Know the signs that tend to sabotage relationships.

All signs have their peculiarities. There are specifics that make each sign unique, but there are also some characteristics that are shared with a few, few signs.

In this article, we will identify some signs that share an unusual characteristic: the tendency to sabotage the relationships in which they find themselves, and there may be different reasons for this to happen…

Self sabotage

Sabotage is a word that comes from the French sabotage , with the same meaning. This feminine name means the act or effect of sabotaging. Thus, sabotage means to voluntarily destroy or disable certain work instruments or other equipment, with the aim of harming the normal course of work or an activity, usually with claims.

In the figurative sense, sabotage means deliberate action, usually veiled, aimed at preventing the success of something or someone. There is also the term self-sabotage, a feminine name that comes from “self-sabotage” + “-age”, the act or effect of self-sabotage, of acting in order to prevent one’s own success.

There are those who choose to self-sabotage their relationship, letting it destroy itself without doing anything, due to inactivity. According to experts in astrology, there are signs with this characteristic.

Zodiac: the signs that tend to sabotage relationships


A Cancer/Cancer sign tends to be very loving and devoted. However, even when he is not well balanced emotionally, he tends to reveal dramas and act childishly.

A person of this sign lives life differently, with intense feelings. He reveals himself to be a person who reacts immediately, before reflecting more deeply on the various complex situations he encounters in his life.

When this person goes through these crises, they don’t hesitate and manipulate, putting their feelings above the other’s feelings, which usually leads to the other person showing great disappointment in the relationship.


A Virgo person tends to invest (in a sentimental and practical way) in the relationship, always looking to do the best. However, a person of this sign tends to expect to maintain perfection, enjoying having everything under control.

However, a Virgo person can sabotage their relationships, as they don’t spend much energy on arguments or dialogue. However, this sign usually loses the natural connection, as it tends to create wear and tear in the relationship.


A Scorpio person tends to give himself with a lot of love and companionship. However, your intense feelings mess with your emotions a lot. In this way, a person of this sign tends to create even more instability when there are problems in the relationship.

All relationships go through bad times. It’s natural. However, while some seek solutions, others create more problems. This sign tends to think and feel in excess, which can create mistrust without reason and enter into baseless paranoia that only serves to wear out the relationship. These are righteous attitudes that become toxic. Therefore, they are not easily overcome.


An Aquarius person tends to really love. You can usually think of the person you care about as special, but find it difficult to express your feelings in a more romantic way.

A person of this sign tends to attract problems for being quite determined, being inflexible, incapable of listening to the other. Now, as the common relationship requires a balanced effort from both, when this does not happen, problems remain.

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