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Zodiac: The Signs Most Likely To Be Betrayed In 2022

Each sign is unique and has particular characteristics. Here are the signs most likely to be cheated on this new year!

The New Year will bring news to everyone. Therefore, many hope that the new year will be very beneficial to them. Some people don’t expect miracles. But there are also those who have good expectations for 2022 and think that this will be the year of great change!

Some hope that going to the gym will lead to the weight loss they want; others wish that tobacco addiction would cease to exist; others dream of buying a house. However, next year will not be positive for everyone…

Zodiac: the signs most likely to be betrayed

Astrology experts can reach different conclusions using our solar signs and astrographic charts

Transiting planets can help those interested in the matter to identify which signs are most likely to achieve something. For example, there are people who are more likely to be cheated on.

Meet the signs most likely to be betrayed in the new year. While we’re very sorry to break the bad news, don’t take it as a condemnation. Try to create conditions to make it impossible.

The zodiac signs most likely to be cheated on in 2022


A Libra/Libra sign can experience a memorable 2022 for the worst reasons.

Coming out of 2021 with the weight of a pandemic makes us think that 2022 will inevitably be better. So talking about betrayal in the new year feels like rubbing salt in the wound, doesn’t it?

However, there is this probability of being betrayed in the next year. Bear in mind that it is NOT your fault and that you will recover, coming out stronger and losing those who don’t deserve your trust. Don’t be afraid to express your feelings and unleash your anger.


Another sign that will have a difficult year in 2022 is Aries/Aries. Despite this being the warrior of the Zodiac, his tough side won’t make this year a marvel.

A person of this sign will not have a good year 2022 as far as love is concerned. A vision centered on accelerating career advancement will leave little room for the heart.

Therefore, the trust given to the other person will be betrayed. Instead of seeking revenge with another person, in retaliation, you should choose to find your inner wisdom, breathe more deeply and the pain will pass with time.


A Virgo person has everything lined up to have an amazing year. However, despite the wonderful things that will be achieved, there is a high probability that your love relationship will come to an end, the result of a betrayal. The breakdown of trust in the romantic relationship can make the new year memorable for the worst reasons.

However, this event will also help to develop a healthy resilience.

Despite this bad event, 2022 will be a good year…

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