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Zodiac Signs Who Has The Worst Temper

Zodiac Signs Who Has The Worst Temper Are…


The sign of Aries is noted for its impulsiveness and aggression. They are feisty and readily irritated. They become enraged when confronted with disagreements and irritations. They are not patient people. If faced with traffic or crowded subways on their way to work, for example, an Aries is inclined to curse much.


Cancerians are sensitive and emotional being. It really do not take much to annoy this sign of the zodiac. they are also negative and skeptical. When conflicts with their partner or acquaintances, they are more likely to pitch a fit. When a Cancer isn’t invited to a When a Cancer isn’t invited to a buddy’s party, she’ll most probably send her an angry text the another day, or perhaps strike out on social networks. So, we can add Cancer to the list of zodiac signs who has the worst temper.


Lions have a hard time maintaining their composure. They’re loud and passionate. Worse, even the tiniest things can agitate them. If one of their pals takes their clothing and returns it with a little stain, Leos are likely to get into a big yelling match. Leos are infamous for making a huge deal out of minor issues, even in public.


Scorpions are fearless and forceful. They could become enraged when matters do not go their way. They have a reputation for being violent. They are prone to yell and smash items when they have a rage outburst. When you’re approaching this enraged zodiac sign, be cautious.

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