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Zodiac signs in love and friendship. Find out if he can also be your friend.

When you live a love story, in the early days you let yourself be carried away by the passion, the heartbeat, and the desire to spend as much time as possible with the person you like.
Once the early days have passed, you find yourself wanting to get to know the person you are with more deeply, often wondering if it is someone with whom you will be accompanied for a long time or if it is a relationship destined to end. Perhaps not everyone knows it but one of the foundations that make a relationship more stable and destined to last is friendship. This has various forms, there is the confidential one, the silent one but that knows how to give support and the one in which the two parts of a couple, even before being lovers are best friends, always ready to support each other and share every part of their life. For understanding, if your other half is suitable for friendship within a romantic relationship is often enough to analyze their zodiac sign, as this aspect is particularly influenced by the stars.
Today, therefore, after having seen what are the most fragile zodiac signs of the zodiac and if you love yourself enough, you will be able to find out if your better half is suitable to be your friend too. To get a clearer picture of the situation, the advice is to also check the profile of his ascendant.

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Horoscope: zodiac signs who know how to be friends with the person they love

Aries – Not much
Those born under the sign of Aries are not particularly suited to be friends with the person they love. This is because they are very focused on themselves and any form of friendship would vanish with falling out of love. For this reason, you cannot rely on them with the same peace of mind that you would use for a trusted friend. They are very present lovers, they know how to brighten up a day and if necessary they can stay and listen and act as confidants. It will never be possible, however, to create a relationship of true friendship because for them the love story is a separate thing that can hardly marry with other types of relationships.

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Taurus – With time
The natives of Taurus are people who believe a lot in the family and who in life aspire to create one by unconsciously looking for people with whom they can build something solid. Precisely because of their way of believing in similar values ​​and the awareness that before they can consider someone as a member of their family it takes a long time, they struggle to be 100% friends. If they do it is only because they have already decided that they want to spend the rest of their life with their loved ones. In this case, rather than friendship, we can speak of a family relationship, as they will consider the partner as a real member of the family. The modalities that come to be established are however very similar to those that exist between close friends,

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Gemini – It depends
Gemini has a very difficult personality to frame and change their way of thinking overnight. For this reason, when they fall in love they tend to live the story as it comes, without asking too many questions. This means that, at least for the first time, it is really difficult to establish a friendship unless friendship means the possibility of going out together and having fun. That said, when the relationship becomes more serious they tend to confide more and more often and this creates confidence that leads them more and more to open up and rely on the other person. By playing the available cards well and being patient and able to understand them even in their moments of whimsy, you will be able to fully enter the circle of their most trusted friends. On the contrary, if you don’t make them feel comfortable,

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Cancer – Hardly ever
Those born under the sign of Cancer are sensitive people with a very personal vision of love. When they are with someone, therefore, they tend to live the story conventionally without getting very familiar, at least for the first time. This means that a friendship is impossible to establish and that even if it entered the dynamics of the couple it would always be rather superficial. When they get angry they do not like to talk about what disturbs them with the cause of their problems but with others and this would lead any friendship to a sort of rift that is difficult to restore. In short, if you want them as friends, perhaps it is appropriate not to become part of a love story because for them they are very close tracks but they cannot meet except from time to time and only for short moments.

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Leo – Enough Leo
natives love to excel and shine with their light wherever they go. When they choose to bond with someone, they are therefore looking for a person who can live in their shadow without ever complaining and who knows how to understand their needs and the lifestyle they have chosen. This necessarily leads to a constant confrontation which to some extent also helps the development of a kind of friendship. It is not a question of that between confidants but of a relationship between equals who consciously choose to support each other and to walk a stretch of road together. After all, Leos need allies, and who better than a partner can play such a role?

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Virgo – No
Those born under the sign of Virgo cannot be friends with the person they are with because they are too busy with themselves and their own beliefs. Furthermore, their critical sense will always be lurking and ready to make themselves heard for every small mistake made. An aspect that completely rejects the possibility of empathy and understanding. Being with them means having great self-esteem and knowing how to take care of yourself. If you are looking for someone who knows how to listen, console, and advise, the natives of the sign are not at all suitable. From them, however, it will be possible to have concrete and sincere opinions even if at times expressed brutally. A life choice that you choose to share your life with one of them will have to consciously embrace in order not to discover when it is too late that their way of being and doing is too difficult to digest.

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Libra – A little bit
The natives of Libra are people who love to be confidants and who know how to make friends and, if desired, loved ones feel at ease. In love, they do not have many expectations but they do not hold back if they are asked for understanding. For this reason, you can yearn for a form of friendship with them as long as you remember that, first of all, there will always be a sentimental relationship. Even in a relationship made of confidence and great friendship, for them the partner will always be the partner and the treatment will therefore be different. Better not expect evidence of friendship or being treated like someone who has been in their life for a while now. However, you will have a special position and if this is enough then, over time, you can hope for an increasingly friendly relationship.

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Scorpio – A lot
Those born under the sign of Scorpio are very keen on the human relationships they establish and always try to maintain them as much as possible over time. For this reason, if they fall in love, they consider the person they are with as part of a special team. This means that, once the right trust is established, elements such as friendship, confidence, and planning are included in the relationship. All bases are also part of friendship and which, consequently, make the relationship between two an extension of it. Faithful beyond all limits, they will do their utmost not to destroy such a relationship and for the same reasons, should there be any shortcomings on the other side, they will take it personally by reacting in rather extreme ways. While having them as a partner and therefore friends can be a unique experience,

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Sagittarius – Not really
Sagittarius natives love professing to be friends of their partner and in some ways try to insert a friend component into the relationship. There being free spirits, however, leads them at the same time to not be able to maintain an exclusive relationship with someone because they need to be confronted with third parties. Although there is therefore a basis of trust and confidence within the relationship, they will always have friends to whom they will tend to confide what is wrong with the couple relationship, thus going to crack, even if minimally, the promise of mutual trust. However, with the partner, they manage to maintain a relationship halfway between the sentimental one and friendship and if this does not create confusion it is also possible to establish a balance on which to base the relationship.

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Capricorn – Not always
Those born under the sign of Capricorn care a lot about personal relationships but are somehow absorbed by the many commitments that characterize their life and that often lead them to emotionally distance themselves from the people around them. This also applies to the partner with whom they try to have a relationship that is halfway between the sentimental and friendly one but who, due to the moments of lack of confidence, often turns out to be precarious at least as regards the second aspect. Being with them means accepting the challenge of always having to compete with their work and with all the “emergencies” that threaten to constantly insert themselves. If you can defend yourself from these aspects or tolerate them without experiencing them as threats,

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Aquarius – No.
Aquarius natives are self-centered and essentially self-absorbed people. Developing a friendship relationship within the couple relationship is therefore a real gamble, as even if you succeed it will never be something exclusive and you will always have the feeling of being somehow cut off. This is because self-employed like few tend to be their best friends, often looking for moments to live in solitude and dealing with both minor and severe problems alone. Theirs is not a kind of spite but something that comes naturally to them because it helps them to clear their minds and reach more easily the decisions to make. The serenity of the couple, in this sense, is therefore completely entrusted to the partner and his ability to accept these attitudes, considering them natural.

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Pisces – A lot
Pisces are people with great empathy and therefore able to establish friendships with everyone. In love, they strongly need someone with whom to confide and thanks to their ability to listen and to accept the confidences of others, they will always be excellent friends, even and above all within a couple of relationships. Having them as friends is a precious gift that completes the love story, made more intense by the confidence and sense of loyalty that tends to establish itself in the short term. At the same time, it is essential to make them feel their closeness at all times because being extremely sensitive people, they would experience an emotional detachment in an extremely negative way, taking it as separation and starting to fear both for friendship and the relationship.

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