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Zodiac Signs That Can’t Code Other People’s Feelings

Some signs never know how to read other people’s feelings and emotions. It is an indecipherability in which they are closed and which puts their way of doing and being to the test.

Here, this also leads to a poor ability to relate in many cases. Some people would like to have signed by their side that can understand them and those of today are not exactly on the list.

But they also have something good about them: for example, they know how to experience significant periods of solitude, and they know how to go their way even in the face of a thousand difficulties that also arise in the course of life.

The signs that are seen as the least able to read emotions, their own and those of others, are here, in the list below.


The lion is very self-centered and this being always focused on himself causes him a series of problems in his relationships with others, which makes it impossible for him to continue in a safe and certain direction. We are talking about a sign that never knows what to do, for example, when there is an altercation within the relationship or in the workplace. He should learn to open up more, to allow others to open up to him, and much more.


We can’t say anything different about Sagittarius, a sign that is seen as the most intellectual, the most artistic of the entire zodiac, but which has several obvious problems with the emotional alphabet. We are grappling with a person who has enormous difficulty opening up and saying the right word at the right time. He too should learn to give his best in many situations, the risk is that he will remain alone for a long time, but it is also true that we are talking about a sign that knows how to best face any type of situation, even the darkest one. Loneliness does not weigh him.


And what about Cancer, sometimes he loves to be at the bar with friends and make conversation, and he manages to undertake a series of very interesting relationships, but the truth is that these are fictitious relationships and he always tends not to delve into them. Is it a personal deformation? We cannot say it with extreme certainty, but it is certainly something that belongs to his character and his way of being and will hardly change direction.

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