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Zodiac Signs That Are Unlucky In The Next 2 Weeks. The Summer Solstice On June 21 Brings A Lot Of Unhappiness

Astrology sometimes gives us clues about the periods in which certain zodiac signs could face more challenges and bad luck. For example, in the next period, 5 signs will have to face several unpleasant situations and obstacles.

The signs that are unlucky after the summer solstice will have misfortune in the next two weeks. The end of June comes with a lot of unfulfillment.

At that moment, the Sun enters the Cancer sign and brings pressure on a sentimental level. Therefore, many of the problems will manifest themselves at the level of relationships.


Scorpios could face a period of bad luck in the next period, especially in terms of communication. Possible problems could arise in personal or professional relationships. They could encounter difficulties in expressing themselves, but also in understanding those around them. They might have to face strong emotional tensions. It is important that they remain calm and express their thoughts and feelings with confidence and clarity.


For Gemini, bad luck could come in the form of financial problems or career obstacles. They may feel that they are not progressing as they would like and may encounter difficulties in managing money. It is important to carefully plan your finances and be cautious in making important decisions related to your career.


In the following period, Cancers could have bad luck in personal relationships and in family life. With the Sun in its own sign after the summer solstice, they could experience tensions in their family or romantic relationships, which could lead to conflicts and heated discussions. To overcome these challenges, they must be open to communication and express their needs and emotions clearly and empathetically.


For Capricorns, bad luck could manifest itself in the field of health and general well-being. They could face health problems or be exposed to fatigue and exhaustion. It is important to pay more attention to their own well-being and adopt a more relaxed attitude. It is a period charged with a lot of energy and it might be necessary to break everything.


Pisces could face bad luck in the next period, especially in terms of relationships and communication. Conflicts and misunderstandings may arise in interpersonal relationships and they may have difficulties in clearly expressing their thoughts and feelings. It is important for them to pay attention to the way they express themselves and to allow time to communicate empathetically and openly with those around them.

Even if a more difficult period follows, the summer solstice also represents a lot of beneficial energy. Despite the potential for bad luck, each zodiac sign can find ways to cultivate resilience and turn difficulties into opportunities for growth and learning.

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