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Zodiac Signs Ranked From Least To The Most Creepy


You’re all sweet and innocent on the outside, but when you truly open up to someone, your sneaky side comes to life. Which leads us to the Cancer involved in a relationship—You are truly obsessed with your partner. You won’t let him or her breathe if you are not around.

God forbid if you suspect that your partner is cheating on you. You will listen to his or her phone calls and you will hack their social media. You can be real sneaky when you want to.


You are practical, analytic and hardworking. There isn’t much stuff that is creepy about you—you are pretty much sane.

The only thing that makes you a little bit creepy is your sex life. You like to fantasize and you try to bring those fantasies to life in the bedroom.

But, that is not so bad after all. Who wouldn’t want a Virgo to rock their world with it’s mild creepiness?


You may think you’re creepy, but the closest you ever got to being creepy is a little bit of ‘harmless’ stalking. So, the bottom line is that you’re not creepy at all.

You dress all dangerous and you fantasize about being in horror movies or going somewhere with your friends and waiting for the horror-scene to happen to you all.

Actually, you wouldn’t want that at all. You just think you do—you are a ‘goodie-goddie’.


When it comes to words, you are extremely violent. You’re always thinking about doing certain violent moves, especially if someone gets you angry and upset. Other than that, you’re pretty much normal.

Be careful what you say because someone may hear you and get seriously scared of you.


You are creepy in a way that you like to be scared. You like to watch horrors because they scare you to death and that is what is making your adrenaline rise sky-high.

You like listening to haunting music and you like to visit mysterious places. When doing this, you’re always expecting something to jump up in front of you and scare you to death.


You seriously believe in ghosts. In fact, you have a story to tell about your several encounters with ghosts. And once again, you seriously believe ghosts are haunting you.

Everything you see that has any kind of mysterious dose to it, you will believe in. Every conspiracy theory you hear is nothing but the truth to you.


You are creepy because you’re not afraid of anything. You’re not afraid of all the things people are usually afraid of.

You won’t twitch when you see a spider or a snake, and you can sit perfectly calmly if someone is bleeding to death next to you.

Also, you are perfectly fine with talking a walk along the graveyard in the middle of the night.


You are a sadist. You enjoy violence. You enjoy seeing violence. Above all, you like to see people suffer. That is a pro level of creepiness.

To you, a car accident on the highway is like hitting the Jackpot. Seriously—waaay too creepy.


You are seriously interested in the world’s worst crimes. If someone checked your browse history, they would be speechless.

They would think you’re a serial killer. It’s not that you would ever do something horrible like sawing a man in half, but you just like to see how and why murderers do it. You are curious in a creepy way.


You can easily relate to serial killers. You like investigating their crimes and you are fascinated how they did what they did and why they did it.

Disturbing crimes get you going. Maybe you are investigating a little bit more than you should. This is a really creepy thing to do.


You know way too much about how to commit a crime. You know way too much about exorcism. You even look creepy when you want to and you enjoy it.

People are scared of you. Talking about Satan and all those fucked up stuff is completely normal to you.


You are the most dangerous and the creepiest sign of the Zodiac.

You are so cold and distant, and you don’t care about anybody but yourself. If you had to murder someone, you would do it in a blink of an eye. If you see someone suffer, you will probably laugh to their face.

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