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Zodiac Signs Ranked From Hardest To Easiest To Fall In Love With


You’re distant. You close yourself off to protect yourself from heartbreak.

That’s why you are the hardest person to fall in love with.

You’re incredibly loving and caring. You’re honest and trustworthy but you’re terribly scared of getting hurt.

So you distance yourself from anyone who wants to get close to you, who shows any kind of interest in you.

You have to let go of that fear and open your heart to love. Not everyone is trying to hurt you.

Not everyone will manipulate you. You’re the only person who’s standing in your way of true love.


You’re a very difficult person to understand. You change your mind and mood on a daily basis.

You know how people go from one extreme to another, like they are extremely shy about doing one thing and shameless about doing another?

Well, you’re exactly like that. You’re dynamic but mysterious, you’re outgoing and closed off at the same time.

If someone catches you on a good day, they will fall in love with you instantly because you’re charming and cute as hell but if they catch you on the wrong day, it’s a different story.

If you let them, people would fall in love with you. But your ‘all over the place’ emotional state is what is holding them back to even try to understand you.


You’re a very eligible person to fall in love with. You’re hard-working and ambitious.

You really want to do something with your life. You think ahead and you work so hard on making your dreams come true.

You like to have control over your own life and that’s okay. The problem starts when you try to take control of your emotions.

You can’t tell yourself what to feel and you can’t control your heart the way you’re controlling your life.

When it comes to love, you think of the worst-case scenario that could happen, just in case, so you don’t get surprised or hurt when it does.

Maybe you can pull this off in real life but it doesn’t work that way with love.


You’re so much fun to be with. You’re passionate about everything you do and most importantly, you take things seriously.

So, when you’re in love you take it seriously, too.

But there is a small problem regarding that. Sometimes, you take things too seriously and you lose it.

You start being jealous and possessive because you’re scared you’re going to lose the person you care about.

You become paranoid and you don’t trust them. This makes people hard to trust you, therefore it’s hard to fall in love with you.


The hardest part of falling in love with a Virgo is not the love part, but the getting to know them part.

You are very secretive about your life and you don’t let people in easily.

When someone actually gets the chance to talk to you, they will see what a lovely, smart and caring person you are. But getting to that phase is almost impossible.

You can’t control every aspect of your life and you can’t control whether you’re going to fall in love with the wrong man or not.

So if you don’t want to die alone, try trusting people and giving them a chance to get to know you.


The part of you that is making it difficult for others to fall in love with you is your ego, which easily turns you into the person you’re not.

You become bossy and patronizing. You act like you’re the smartest one out there and no one can touch you.

But on the other hand, there is another part of you that makes it so easy to fall in love with you and that’s the generous and loving part of you. Your passion and your curiosity make you interesting.

So tone down the bossy part of you and let people fall in love with the beautiful person you are.


It’s not easy to like you right from the start. You can be a bit reserved and cautious. And that’s okay because you’re just a bit scared that you might get hurt.

But that fear doesn’t hold on to you for that long. Soon, you let people get close to you and you let them see your passionate and sensitive self.

After that, you don’t need to do anything else. Your personality is so attractive that hardly anyone can resist it.


You, like so many other people on this earth, have some issues when it comes to relationships. We are all afraid of getting hurt but to different extremes.

You’re not a lost cause and as soon as you deal with that fear, you’ll be fully ready to sweep someone off their feet.

You’re the perfect person to be in a relationship with. You’re compassionate and kind. You genuinely care about people.

You remember important dates and anniversaries. You’re just perfect relationship material.


You’re truly a special person. It’ so easy to fall in love with you because when they are around you, people feel special.

They have tons of fun and every situation is a new experience they’ve never had with anyone else.

You bring out the fun and happy side to them and some of them haven’t seen that side for a long time.

So, when someone like you makes them happy, it charms them to the point that they want to spend all of their time with you.


There are so many qualities you possess that people can’t resist. When you want something, you’ll ask for it.

When you want to give an opinion on something, you’ll be honest.

Your laughter and your constant optimism make you light up any room you walk into. People are mesmerized by you and very few of them don’t fall in love with you.


You’re the most loyal sign of the whole zodiac. You’re extremely devoted and you prioritize the people who matter to you.

Who wouldn’t fall in love with someone like that?

You love commitment and honesty and you have no problem trusting people. That’s why people have absolutely no problem falling in love with you. You are a dream come true.

You know what you want and you know what can make you happy, so when you see someone like that, you let them in.


Those who don’t fall in love with you have a heart of stone. It’s impossible for those people to fall in love with anyone.

You’re honest about your feelings and you’re not scared to let them show.

You radiate incredibly warm energy around you, so people feel nice and positive when they are close to you.

You really understand human emotions and you know how to make someone feel better.

So people fall in love with you so easily because you’re the most beautiful person to love.

You make them feel protected and they can trust you. You’re just a relationship ‘jackpot’!

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